The Camera and Me

7:30 AM

Dreamy-eyed amateurs clutching a few hundred dollars in nickels and dimes, scrounged from babysitting and Saturday morning walks -- they head into Walmart looking for Canon Rebels and Nikons. Me? I was going to camp and had a big budget of thirty bucks. I walked in and immediately got lost in the technology department, and after strolling through aisles of game controllers and snazzy laptop covers, landed in the cheap-o digital camera lane.

Here I learn a very hard lesson about love at first sight: It was pink, cool and everything was wrong.

The screen was 1.5 inches. Its little turn-on jingle sounded like one of those plastic games thrown in with a Happy Meal. The time stamp (who wants a time stamp?) appeared on every photo. The lens was permanently hibernating, the zoom was pathetic, and the pictures -- they were like a bad paint job.

Find the rest of my camera woes Under {Erin's} Turquoise Umbrella.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I started reading this story with a broad grin, which dwindled to a smile, which faded to dismay. Why the sudden change of emotions, you may ask? Well.

    I have the exact same camera.

    Pink. Soundless video. Ultra-cheap. Dark, orange-washed pictures in the absence of sunlight. Memory card sold separately. Vivacam. Initial delight and later dismay. The only glaring difference between your story and mine is that my point-and-shoot was a gift-- so I had to reassure the beaming gift-givers that the camera was indeed everything I had dreamed of.

    I have had my lovely camera for a year now [its name is Brianna]. Take heart dear one, all is not as lost as it seems. After a while, you learn to adjust to its *ahem* unique aspects :o) Just avoid the video, ensure proper lighting, and smile big in all your pictures.

    Love to Vivienne Rose!


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