Bible Reading Blues

7:30 AM

It's Sunday. I hit the floor groggy in my pink cupcake pajamas and head to the weather-beaten deck. It's warm out, like bread dough rising, warm enough and bright enough to keep my tired eyes squinting. Sunlight is all over green trees. It glints on the leftover morning dew coating the white railing. With a finger in it I write JESUS LIVES IN ME because common sense doesn't kick in until ten o'clock.

Welcome to my morning devotions. (My huge ESV study Bible is lying on the rickety bench behind me, just so you know.)
When I shut the last homeschool textbook, filed away the last science test and checked off the last box on my crammed school schedule, I realized there was something I wanted to do more than anything this summer: I wanted to connect with God.

You'd think a good Christian girl like me would have that all figured out and put in a box -- tied with a pink ribbon, even. I never could. For one thing, I couldn't get myself to sleep at night at a decent hour and so I couldn't get myself up at a decent hour, so the second my mum pulled the shades up with the morning reveille, I was already late for life. I had school to do. I had chores. I had places to go, speeches to make, friends to talk with, favors to fulfill. I didn't have time to pull out my leather Bible and just drink it all in, quietly. Once a week, if I was lucky, I would grit my teeth and get through a few verses and a muttered prayer before plunging back into life's battle.

I'm still Under {Erin's} Turquoise Umbrella. Come on over!

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  1. Sometimes it is so hard to take time for that! I just try to remember that He took time for us (his whole lifetime!) so I should take time for him.
    Be blessed~


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