Life Is Spelled C-R-A-Z-Y

5:30 PM

Mothers' Day downtown. I love you, Mama!
Game plan this week: Put one foot in front of the other. Breathe deep. Share who gets to make the meals. And remember: don't freak out.

I'm so busy I don't even have time to be busy. Play practice. Tutoring. Shopping. Baking. Writing. Planning. Flammable science experiments. (Don't ask.) It's been good, mostly. But survival mode can only last so long before one starts cracking. For instance, if you start dreaming about breakfast cereal and social workers with guns invading your might be time to sit back and relax a little bit.

Unless you can't. In which case, it's best to unwind in more active ways.

- Watch the news. We piled onto my parents' bed for two days to watch the buzz behind Usama bin Laden. (People are up in arms over the contradictions of the raid, but frankly, I want to know when the name change occurred and why I wasn't informed.) Then we piled onto the coming-apart-at-the-seams couches to laugh and clap and amen along to the first Republican presidential debate. People -- I'm voting in this election. I felt pretty self-important and scared to death that I might cast my vote for one of these gentlemen next year. There's nothing like the shock of maturity to temper a busy week.

- Try to curb one's grammar geekiness over the Mothers' Day weekend. Really, truly, I try, but is it Mother's day or all mothers' day? If I may steal from my sister Bethany's wit, certainly my mother deserves a holiday named after her. But if someone did not have my mum in mind, then I must continue to harp on the poor punctuation.

- Speaking of Mothers' Day, shopping isn't a bad idea at all. I took Bethany to spy out a Mothers' Day gift at Walmart (yes, we're cheap children with limited budgets and a procrastinatory spirit). Due to my little brain, I thought we had established several weeks before that we were going to increase Mum's candle supply. Silly me. First we had to smell every single candle in the establishment.

"Ooh, peach mango! Yuck. It smells terrible."

"Let me smell it. Ugh. I hate the smell of mango."

"This looks good."

"Um, no."

"Eh, you're right. It smells like...."

"These are cool -- but they don't have any holders."

"How 'bout a bunch of little ones? What do those smell like?"

"They look pretty cool."

"Oh! We should buy her a big one and then all these little ones."

"We're on a budget."

"Fine. We'll get these and something else."

"I thought we were just getting candles?"

"You don't just get candles for Mothers' Day. That's ridiculous."

"I don't think it's ridiculous."

"We should get her a coffee mug along with the candles."

"Where are the coffee mugs?"

[five minutes of wandering and nonchalantly offering things like, "Let's get her a kitchen towel" - "Hangers!" - "How 'bout a red blender?"]

"Oooh, I like this one."

"But that's boring. Oh, I like this one."

"That's hideous."

"It is not."

"It is too."

"You always think whatever I think is pretty is ugly."

"That's because it's true."

"Let's look at the fabric section."


"Just to be random."

"Hey! She likes Reese's."

"Really, Bethany?"

And then, twenty minutes later, we walk out of Walmart with a bunch of little candles -- after arguing about whether it's more embarrassing to use the self check-out or talking to a cashier. Sisterhood is a delicate art, I tell you.

- Tickling is good for the soul. A good hour of little siblings sitting on your lap, who are conveniently ticklish and are inconveniently aware that you are too, does wonders for a weary heart. When you get to talking about poppy wheelies and your little brother giggles uncontrollably -- that's a most excellent balm.

- If all else fails, run around the house five times. Especially if you've been working on homework for over three hours.

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  1. I know, I know. I should have posted sooner. At least I should have left one of those, "I'm drowning in life and can't write for a couple weeks" post. But I don't like those sorts of posts. They mean nothing to posterity.

    I may get to writing a real post this week. Maybe not. If you want me, come looking for a girl passed out on the couch. I'll be waiting for you, at your service.

    By the way, prompted by the excursion my mum and I had for Mothers' Day, I've decided that whenever I start courting, I am not going out to eat. Do you know how extremely difficult it is to look intelligent and poised while squirting tomato juice in one's lap? Or how ridiculous it is to try to talk and giggle when you're cleaning your bowl of potato salad? It's insane, I tell you.

    Fortunately, my mum is well-used to her adorable klutz and we could enjoy our afternoon in peace. She's that amazing.

  2. Whenever you start courting? Hold it there, sister. Just what makes you think you're going out with a guy alone? Nuh-uh. I'm sitting beside ya'll the whole time and giving the stare and then he'll run off and I'll have you all to myself. ;)

    Wal Mart and me don't mix.

    Just sayin'.

  3. lol:) Bethany+Bailey+Blog Post = *like!*

    I hope your days settle down soon, and that until then, you remain in control of your mental faculties. JK.


  4. Well said, Anna. Well said.

    Bethany ---- if you weren't so cute and special, I'd.......never mind. But you honestly think that I'm not capable of single-handedly scaring away any and all potential suitors?

    Your lack of confidence shakens me.

  5. Another good way to unwind is to stop by Sonic at Happy Hour and get a Blue Coconut slush. Which is what I have right now. Ahh. Never mind the fact that I just got my teeth cleaned at the dentist only a little while ago. *big blue smile* ;)

    I just love last minute trips to Wal-Mart on holidays. Um, not. ;) The whole exchange between you and Bethany there sounds much like what goes on between me and Elisabeth at such times.

    At least we can all know we're going through a whirl of craziness at the same time. That should help with the fatigue a little bit, right? :) Like you said, maybe it's typical of this time of year. Or perhaps it's something going round.

    P.S. Love the photo of you and your mom!

  6. *laugh* I love you girls, you are too fun!! I agree, life right now is CRAZY for me too. Must just be something in the air? This week is going to be totalycrazywonderfullyhecticstressfullyexciting. :) My graduation party is on Saturday, and that's just a tiny part of my week. Besides three appointments that take me away from the house that much longer, and starting my weekly babysitting job on Wednesday, I have to finish my history (still on WWII. I could spend a year on it, and I've only got 2 days to finish) get ready for my party which includes a deep cleaning of a house which just seems to be getting messier as I work, making a couple dozen cupcakes and finger foods, going over to a friends house for party on Friday, my party on saturday, and then heading to Phoenix for another party on Sunday afternoon. That's not even mention the next week. I'll spare you. :)

    Love you girl. Keep smiling! :D :D


  7. Lee, your blog must be getting more popular. I never look at the bottom of a post but there are at least six Impressions. Which is impressive. I usually have a grand total of...


    Love the post. I've been zonked lately, on top of going to the Arlington Homeschool Convention and trying to get Pre-Algebra over with. (With which over? Is there any way to say that correctly?) So I sympathize. =)

    I'm patient about emails, btw. Don't stress out.

  8. Bailey, you and your sister did a wonderful job of blessing me on Mother's Day. The candles are adorable! Loved the special lunch out with you--how often does THAT ever happen!
    Elissa, congrats on your high school graduation. Enjoy your celebrations!

  9. Yummy....those burgers look good! ;)

    Ah, don't feel too bad. I'm a cheap daughter too. :) So cheap, that in fact, most years I don't even have the money to buy her anything (or the transportation to get there).

    Aw well....she knows I love her just as much as all the little girls who buy their mom a $75 gift from Burlington's or Macy's.

  10. You look great in your happy-swirly-twirly dress:)
    That conversation sounds like ones held on every other holiday/birthday with my siblings

  11. Yes, Elissa, Happy Graduation!!!! ***BIG HUGS***

    Vicki -- I agree. The weather can shoulder the blame. Oh, you must be joking -- of course I used a pattern. My Bethany got all the able-to-sew-without-a-pattern genes and left me out in the cold. Now I might be as good a seamstress as I am a blogger, depending on how good you define the latter.

    Thanks to Google, here's the pattern: Swingy, is it not?

  12. That's your mother?!
    She looks young enough to be your sister... she's very beautiful. What a sweet way to spend Mothers' Day!


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