After Mothers' Day

7:30 AM

I once shocked a wayward girl by saying my mother was my best friend.

That has not always been true. Dark periods have come where the good little Sunday school girl made the metamorphosis into a bitter rebel traveling as far away as she could from everything that formerly defined her. I am not a perfect angel—I am just a girl with an amazing and very special gift: a mother-daughter relationship.

I say relationship intentionally, as it’s not merely a living arrangement until college or a cross to bear or a biological connection. Look around and see how many thriving mother-daughter relationships there are. There aren’t many.

It takes a fighting spirit, a strong spirit, a humble spirit to actively seek and keep a relationship with one’s mother. Not because mothers and daughters have a natural animosity to each other, but because a working mother-daughter relationship is a powerful tool in the shaping of future generations and present families. It’s under attack.

Girls today aren’t taught that concept. Sure, we’re taught the fifth commandment. We’re taught how to react if a parent gives a command (it’s the default subject in children’s church)—but we’re not encouraged to initiate a relationship. We’re okay with the idea of parents being distant authority figures—but kindred spirits? Forget about it. Girls today—we rolls our eyes as if there’s not a bigger fool on earth than our parents and not a person who knows it better than us.

Does your mother-daughter relationship need a radical about face?

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3 impressions

  1. This was lovely. I hope my daughter still considers me a friend when she is sixteen.


  2. I must say in the past few months I have grown much closer to my mother. And we're really close I would say. Homeschooling has helped, believe me! I'm very blessed to have a good relationship with my mum! By the way m'dear, I'm back to blogging!

  3. Mothers are pretty awesome, aren't they? :3


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