I Made a Dress

7:30 AM

A happy dress.

 A twirly swirly dress.

 I learned something while making my happy twirly swirly dress.

 (Hello, freezing cold Resurrection Sunday.)

 I learned that the most essential tool in dressmaking is the seam ripper.

 And also that asking Bethany to help is a bad idea.

 It makes her laugh far too easily.


 She finds my inability to read dress patterns as amusing as my taste in pictures. Like so.

 Bailey making a dress? That's one small step for her, one giant leap for womankind.

 It was pretty exciting.

 My Marine finds it upsetting that it brings the '40's swing everywhere it twirls.

 But I don't care too much.

 My pig-tailed, happy-go-lucky, newly fourteen-year-old photographer.

Hi, Bethany!

 Your patience paid off.

 I love you, Bethany.

 She loves me too.

 And even though we love each other, we're actually holding onto each other for dear life. The dog, you know.
2 girls + 1 seam ripper + 1 mother + 9 months = 1 happy dress

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17 impressions

  1. I am SO impressed with you! The dress is wonderful, both the color and the style! I haven't made anything from scratch but I am working now to refurbish family clothes that are worn or have no 'zing'. Your story in pictures is awesome...let the twirling begin....

  2. You did a great job on the dress, Bailey. Just so everyone knows, I helped her VERY LITTLE, and she even put in a ZIPPER and made BUTTONHOLES! Here's to many more sewing adventures! {but don't lose that seamripper :)}

  3. Your happy twirly swirly dress is as happy and twirly swirly as can be. It is beautiful.

    These photos made me smile on this groggy morning. Blessee, Bailey, blessee. ;) *hugs*

  4. Hahahaha:) It's a pretty dress Bailey! Good Job! (Cool pictures too!)

  5. Bailey, the dress turned out wonderfully! I like it =) Oh, I'm afraid the seam ripper is my constant companian when sewing...seriously, I wish we didn't have to be such good friends. But at least I'm not the only one who has to become friends with a seam ripper...

    Also, I got the newsletter uploaded to my blog this morning.

    Many Blessings,

  6. Officially letting you know, your limit for dorky Bethany pictures is up. Yup. No more. ;)

    I told you not to post the green blob of blurriness!!!

    Oh, well, since you did take me out to eat, I'll let you blog about anything just this once

  7. (btw, I really like the dress. Does this mean I get to wear it sometime?)

  8. Majorly impressed here! I have a dress in the cabinet, cut out and with about five inches of thread (that has been pulled out about 5 times) that has been sitting there for about two years. You know you're always saying what a good homemaker and such I am? well you know something? I hate sewing. I hate patterns. And what's worse, mom's sewing machine hates me. Every. single. time. I sit down to sew something it eats the fabric. Okay, so maybe I forget to adjust the tension, but it shouldn't go around eating an innocent girls' fabric.

    You made a dress with only 1 seam ripper? Doubly impressed. I usually end up breaking a couple. :)

    Anyway, *GREAT* job, the dress is beautiful! And so is the wearer! <3


  9. @Bethany: What you said: (btw, I really like the dress. Does this mean I get to wear it sometime?), is something that I ask my sister Amy all the time :) Just ask her, and she'll tell you.


    Bethany Joy

  10. Love it, dear Bayleaf!! The dress is gorgeous - I am officially jealous! :) :)

    You have inspired me. I have conluded that I shall make a dress someday. :) :)

    Love ya! Email me soon, girl!


  11. Your dress is apsolutely BEAUTIFUL! Bailey, you did an awesome job!


  12. A happy dress, indeed. Love the style. My old hand-me-down vintage 40's swing dress wore right out, and I need a new one. This has inspired me. Beautiful photos.

    Oh - and your conclusion, that the #1 most important thing in sewing a dress is a seam ripper, is absolutely correct. Welcome to your new life long love-hate relationship. ;D

    Lovely work, Miss Bailey.

  13. Good job on the dress! As a rule, I avoid the sewing machine - I can sew, but... And I have a fourteen year old sister, too and she is great on the sewing machine. You should see the things she turns out when she gets at it.
    Sisters are a blessing, aren't they?

  14. It's pulchritudinous, Lee, dear.

    Or in less eccentric English ... it's lovely. =) I commend you!

  15. (hahahaha)I just made my first 2 dresses(well jumpers)! By the way good job and its really pretty too!
    Oh and the seam ripper is most of the time by my side too... Actually a little to close!(:

  16. Mrs. Howard :: So good to hear from you again! The twirling has begun...to an excess, actually, but hey, it's not every day one has a twirly dress.

    Mama :: Buttonholes. Now that was fun. The zipper was even more so.

    Erin :: Thank'ee and blessee. ;)

    Anna :: Cool picture credit goes to Bethany. She.is.so.amazing.

    Amy :: Great! I'll be sure to link pretty soon. :)

    Bethany Grace :: Uh...check back when I lose my mind. Then you might be able to wear it.

    Elissa :: LOL! I was sewing along on our machine and it was making the most diabolical racket. "Bethany," I hollered, "why is it making such weird noises?"

    "It always does that," she hollered calmly back.

    But between me and you, I think it was protesting.

    Bethany Joy :: I knew it! I knew there was some sort of sister conspiracy to steal their big sisters' clothes. Gotcha!

    Alexxus :: And when you do, I am entitled to receive pictures...I mean, me being the inspiration and all.

    Kara :: Thank you, thank you. *bows*

    Shelby :: Yup, yup. Seam rippers are a girl's best friend...and enemy. Did you know that ripping thread off on the bobbin thread side seems much easier than ripping it out on the normal thread side? Or maybe it's one of those you think it works better because you're so sick of doing it the other way things.

    Justine :: "I can sew, but...." My words exactly. And what is up with amazingly talented fourteen-year-old sisters?? I was fourteen and not even close to being so. Must have missed out on something.

    Allison :: Oh frabjous day! Pulchritudinous. That just ended my week with a happy bang. Thank you, my dear ancient word collecter. :)

    Meah :: Congratulations on your accomplishment too!

  17. I love your dress! It is so pretty. I really like the style, and the color! Keep it up!


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