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Dear God,

Fourteen years ago a brilliant idea was born. She was Your idea - it was very obvious from the start that she was. She had all Your creativity - she had Your patience and constancy - and she shared Your heart. I wanted to thank You for that.

Thank You for the summers spent galloping Breyer horses in the backyard clover - for the long games of stuffed animals living in the autumn decorations - for the afternoons holed away between our bunk beds, creating a Littlest Pet Shop world where she always had the best made-up voices.

Thank You for the drifting-away-at-midnight bedtimes when Grimms' Fairy Tales got a twist that would put them to shame. Thank You for all the doodles she drew on thank you cards and the always-certain crafty something she made for birthdays. Her wallet was always empty because her heart was always full.

Thank You for the times in the darkness when she heard me crying and asked me what's wrong. The times when my world fell apart and I cried ugly, and she was the only one who would dare put her arms around me and love me despite my faults. The times when I put my head on her shoulder and asked if I was pretty or friendly or good enough, and she said a ridiculously off-topic and unhelpful reply that ended up the most helpful thing in the world.

You have beautiful ideas, Father God, but I think the best one of all was her.

Bethany Grace
April 25, 1997

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  1. Happy Birthday Bethany!!! I just turned 14 too! :D

  2. Wow, you are blessed indeed! Happiest of b-day wishes to sweet Bethany and hugs to a extra special Ms. Bailey, too!

  3. Happy Birthday to Bethany! And thank you for this loving tribute to her. (happy birthday to Christian, too!)

  4. Ohhhh, Bailey, this post is going to make me cry...it is so beautiful!

    Happy, happy birthday, Bethany--I hope your day is extra-wonderful and blessed! :))

  5. Happy, happy birthday, Bethany! I hope you have a *wonderful* birthday!!

    I have enjoyed getting to know you through our blogs, and hope to more!

    Bethany Joy

  6. Happy Birthday, Bethany! May you continue to grow in the Lord as the years go by. God bless!

    Bailey, what a sweet tribute to your sister. Thanks for sharing about your special relationship. Aren't younger sisters amazing???!!! My two teenaged sisters, Jessica and Natalie, are such wonderful friends and I'm so thankful for them.

    God bless you and yours!


  7. Thanks ya'll. *tears*

    Btw, is there I reason why I look like I'm sucking lemons in the last photo?

  8. Happy Birthday, Bethany!

    Hope your day is awesome. I LOVE you!


  9. Aw! How sweet Bailey that you should remember your sister. :) (But I suppose you forgot about poor Christian? Tsk, tsk. ;])Happy Birthday Bethany!

    I shall be 14 here in September Yay!

  10. Happy Birthday!
    my little sisters middle name is Grace.

  11. Happy Birthday Bethany! (And Christian)!!!!


  12. Happy Birthday, Bethany!

    And what a nice birthday gift this blog post is. You are a great big sister, Bailey. :-)


  13. Happy 14th, Bethany! You sound like a wonderful person to have as a sister. Generous, caring, sweet - yep, Bailey is lucky. =D
    Best of birthday wishes! May God's blessings rain down on you. =)

  14. Dear Maiden for Jesus,

    Please give joyful girl a gigantic hug from me. I can easily believe she is all those wonderful things you have written about and more!!She and Christian share their birthday with my dear dad of 86 years!! Yes, April 25th is a special day,indeed!! Happy Birthday, Bethany & Christian.

    All my Love,
    Mrs. Reinke

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETHANY. (I hope you don't mind me saying it again.) :D

  16. Awwww! Sheesh, Bailey. That was such a beautiful post. Made me get all teary-eyed and everythin'. Happy birthday to your lovely younger sister who reminds me SO much of my own.


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