Are You a Drama Queen?

8:40 PM

Take the quiz! Quick and easy steps to determine if YOU are indeed a drama queen!

1. When you commit a crime of stupidity (e.g. turning on the windshield wipers instead of the blinker while forgetting which way to pull over for an ambulance), you............

A. Laugh it off
B. Blush and forget about it five minutes later
C. Feel worthy of being prosecuted in the Supreme Court

2. When your best friend gives you a look you've never seen her give or says a word in a slightly taut voice, you..............

A. Barely notice
B. Ask what's wrong
C. Spend the night analyzing your relationship and concluding you're the worst friend the world's ever seen

3. When someone asks you how your (all-things-considered wonderful) week went, you usually reply............

A. "Great! I ate peanut butter five days in a row as part of a national competition, hung out with my friends and even got some chemistry done before the week was up. And you?"
B. "It was pretty good - how about you?"
C. "Well [insert mysterious lowering of voice and lifting of eyebrows], it was - it was okay."

4. When normally perfect you is in charge of doing an improv scene for a friend's birthday party and you blunder it beyond belief, you............

A. Keep on going
B. Grin and bear it at the time - shake it off as a bad memory later
C. Spend that night and the rest of the week rolling the nightmare over and over in your mind until your stomach's normal state is unrest and you cannot recall the party without deathful agony
5. When your friend agrees with another friend (who agreed with another friend) that you're a drama queen, you............

A. Know they're just teasin' you
B. Employ steps to fix your ridiculousness
C. Wail, "I AM NOT A DRAMA QUEEN!" and live life in a feeling of rejection and misery

The Results

A. You're a self-confident (if slightly thoughtless) female who doesn't find it degrading at all to laugh at yourself.

B. You're a sensible young lady who isn't afraid to acknowledge failure and quirks in yourself.

C. Congratulations. You just earned your crown.

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17 impressions

  1. So how'd you do?

    (More enlightening post to follow, DV.)

  2. I got a stange mixture of a's and b's. ;) I guess I fit in with the "Chase Monster", except in this case I'm the "Undefined Flop Monster".

    Nice drawings btw.

  3. I ended up being a happy-go-lucky! I guess that's good :D

    Have a great night!

  4. I got three C's and two B's, so it's official. I am a Drama Queen. I shall wear my crown with--um, I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to wear it...with sheepishness or with relief at finally having my problem pegged. ;)

    Love the incredibly cute illustrations!

  5. I got like all B's...So, I'm probably "Happy-Go-Lucky".

    I loved, the illustrations! Did you do them yourself?


  6. Undefined Flop Monster :: I knew how'd you end up, Miss Sense and Sensibility. ;)

    Ali :: I so envy you! Want to switch personalities for a day? I'd love to be able to laugh off my ridiculousnesses. :D

    Erin :: Oh. My poor girl. Shall we go into rehab together? Actually, I am selfishly relieved that we are similar in this area. It gives me hope that I can still be awesome like Erin. :)

    Kara :: Ah, but if you got all B's, then you're another Sense and Sensibility. No wonder you and Floppeth are friends. I did do the illustrations myself, and there is a sad story behind how I learned to draw like that. :P

  7. *gasp*

    I got a mixture of B's and C's, comprised of more C's than B's. Okay, I guess I shall have to resign myself to being called a drama queen.

    Actually, though, it's rather odd to think of, as my family would say I'm very un-dramtic. "Cool, calm, and collected" is something I hear so often it's not even funny =) I guess that's the way I look to others, but it's not really a fitting description for the most part...*sigh*

    Very cute drawing, by the way! Maybe one day I shall learn how to be artistic like that...


  8. Haha, what fun! And what great drawings! I'm impressed. I especially love the whole picture at the top. Did you design that yourself? It's really great.
    I usually confess to being a drama queen, but when I took the test I got one A, two Bs, and two Cs. What does that make me??? =D

  9. Love the cute drawings Bailey! I ended up being a mish mash of b's and a's, so I guess I'm a slightly sensible happy-go-lucky. Though I have been called a major drama queen on *many* occasions :D


  10. Oh, one other thing real quick.

    In your comment at the top of this post you said:

    "(More enlightening post to follow, DV.)"

    Pray tell, what does 'DV' stand for? I've always wondered. Please forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject, but if you'd enlighten me on that, I'd certainly apprecaite it =)


  11. Amy :: You weren't supposed to ask me what the Latin're just supposed to pretend I'm that smart. As it were, I had to look it up. Google, you know. It stands for, as I suspected, Deo volente - God willing. I think parents in Italy should name their child that. I bet he'd turn out a genius - "Mr. Volente, is it really true that you know all about Latin abbreviations?"

    Julia :: Amazingly, I did. Thank you for adoring it. :) What does that make you? I'll tell you: the person who proved this test amateurish and inaccurate. In other words, normal.

    Elissa :: Oh, part-time drama queen-ness is becoming more and more popular these days, don't you know.

    You know, ladies...why is it that no one's gotten all C's? Am I really that bad?


  12. Awesome idea! (And did you do the drawings?)

    OH. Kara just asked me "Didn't you just see that she told everybody that she did?" *Smacks head and worries about looking dumb all night.


    Love ya!

  13. Ack, sorry 'bout that. I didn't see the "keys" to a, b, and c!


  14. Oh, oops. I read the the second Drama Queen post first.

    So, I took the test, and I have to say that I'm a Drama Queen with a sliver of "sensible" in there, too. Not much! =(

    Thanks for the smile. =)


  15. Well, if it's any comfort, I got all Cs except 3 and 5. And I adore the drawings. I covet them...

    Which is not good. Shame on you.


  16. I shall reveal my answers *gulp*:

    1. B
    2. C
    3. B
    4. C
    5. C

    So I suppose I am a drama queen.

    *Sniffs and grasps Bailey and Erin's hands*

    I wish I was "happy-go-lucky" or "sense & sensibilty". I am a mixture of both I suppose, but I am like a mutt. A mixed breed.

    Wait, why am I comparing myself to a dog? *cough*


  17. Just as I suspected! Every personality test I take, I come up "B" - Type B, Blue, and now a B. Happy-Go-Lucky. I wonder what that means?

    Anyway, I knew I was happy-go-lucky, so thankfully that doesn't come as much of a surprise. My parents wish I were a little more "sense and sensibility," though ... ;-)

    Love in Christ,


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