Living, Loving, Learning: Week Recap

6:02 PM

It seems to me that when I complain about something, it automatically gets better. I rant at the Ideal Gas Law and then I understand perfectly. I complain of having a bad day and then my week's wonderful. I have a fall-out with a certain person. I pout in my bedroom, thinking (unconsciously hoping being a bit more accurate) this is the end of my reputation with this person and that I shall turn into a rebel and that I shall fall into all sorts of emotional and physical disarray because I no longer have their love. Which I won't accept if offered, by the way, as that would spoil the fun of being grumpy. That would unruin my life. In any case, five minutes into my pout, somebody does something really nice for me - they hug me or gently tease or, in the case of young children, run and pounce on me with a giggle. And I can't be theatrical without going into denial.

Life. One thing I've learned, a Christian cannot be unhappy. Not truly.

I have the most amazing friends. And I'm not biased. We laugh at anything and talk about nothing for hours on the way home from a volleyball tournament. We sing and dance together - if the music's up loud enough. We give hugs and throw out I love yous every few minutes and they never wear out their charm. We text each other on birthdays, on sad days, on special days, on days when we're hyper and need an outlet.

I have the most amazing family too. My wonderful friends complain that the only thing we Bergmanns discuss at the dinner table is politics - which is true, unless we're giggling at the younger set. And we've had amazing discussions (to say the least) now that our home state is hosting a political circus. We spent the other night watching the news past bedtime - poking fun at melodramatic cooking shows and Geico commercials, yelling at the television, cheering on the poor liberal who kept getting cut off by Sean Hannity. Glorious fun, I say. Only in my family.

(Speaking of the Madison mob, my daddy called me to discuss a letter to the editor I'm writing - on democracy and the correct definition of it and how it applies and does not apply to union busting. He worked a super busy day, but he called to personally answer my enthusiastic texts and emails - "Daddy! I'm changing the world!" Changing the world, I might add, instead of doing geometry problems. Is that classic homeschooling or what?)

I love little kiddos too. All day Tuesday this veteran homeschooler pretended to be a public schooler at the local primary school - I almost fulfilled my life-long dream of going through the lunch line, but workers got free Domino's pizza. Can't complain, I guess. We were KAT testing, which meant taking each child, from 4K to second grade, out into the cold hallway and quizzing on those questions that inspired Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?. I mean, I didn't know what a rectangular prism was in second grade (or a week ago - I have short term memory loss, let's say). I didn't know what translucent meant - or that a flat is worth 100 - or that a flat is something the average person should know.

The highlight of the full school day, hands down:

Q: What do you use to click things on a computer?
A: A squirrel?

He got an A+ in cuteness.

Loving. It's a God thing.

Some excitements to squeal over: Jasmine's blogging again. Squee! Everybody happy dance! I got to edit a friend's paper - my grammar geek is comfortably exhausted. I baked three things in two weeks - mint brownies, chocolate cupcakes, mint cookies. Apparently they were a hit - though I don't care for chocolate baked anything. I'm a cheesecake, lemony, limey type of girl myself. Key lime pie over chocolate cake any day. (By the way, when mothers say the first step to baking is reading the recipe? Believe them.) And on a similar note, I'm halfway through with my third embroidered tea towel. That's excitable, because I figured out how to iron on a transfer without making it hemorrhage all over the place. My mum's not too excited over the colonial girl stamped onto the ironing board cover, though.

Learning. You never stop doing it.

*Writer's Note* I am sorry but do not apologize for my unannounced blog break. I have a million ideas floating in my head but they're not coming out right on cyberspace. Truly, it's an act of mercy to restrain me.

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6 impressions

  1. Hee-hee! A squirrel! Too cute.
    That's so funny; I just found out a few days ago myself that Jasmine was blogging again! I was going to tell you, in case you didn't know, but then our computer decided to misbehave and refused to start, about an hour ago. =P
    I know what you mean about reading recipes before you start baking. For some reason, I seem to think that I can just look at the ingredient list and then follow the directions in the order they're written in.
    Usually doesn't work, anyway. I don't think I've made anything unsalvageable yet, though. (aka: I haven't learned my lesson!)
    Sounds like you have been busy. =) It makes one feel pleasantly accomplished and industrious to get so much done, doesn't it? =)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh, the joys of colonial girl embroidery! I have several of those in my hopechest myself! :) and our old ironing board cover certainly was besmirched with iron ons :D

    You don't like chocolate baked goods? Are you nuts?! ;)

    Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, but rest assured I read every single post!

    When are y'all coming for a visit? Soon? ;)


  3. :D Sounds kinda like it is here! (Pretty busy, on our part.)...and how sweet of you to mention talking about nothing on the way home from volleyball. :) That was GREAT! (volleyball, and your mentioning it.)

    Love you!

  4. You forgot to mention, on that night when we watched the news, that I tragically lost one of my double pointed knitting needles. I do believe Mum and Dad slept on it - until I found it the next day. :)

  5. A few comments from your mom:

    1. Yes, Bailey, you may change the world...just don't forget to finish your geometry.
    2. I apologize to you and your friends for talking too much about politics and culture at the dinnertable. It does get a little heated (but funny!) at times.
    3. In addition to the baked goods, your friends must know that you baked two delicious lasagnas this weekend--serving 20 people, no less!
    4. I'm getting used to seeing the "Cleaning Day Girl" image embedded on the ironing board cover.
    5. Bethany, I'm fortunate I did not get gouged with your knitting needle while sleeping!

  6. Bailey, we have the same chemistry book! Care for an extry?

    Love you!


    ps- I'm sure your desserts were great. Just be glad you don't have to eat the things that I cook! :)


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