How to Enjoy the First Days of Spring

4:11 PM

When color and newness bloom everywhere, advice on how to enjoy spring seems unnecessary at best and redundant at worst. That's a no-brainer. However. Pray tell, how does one enjoy the first days of spring blanketed with over a foot of snow?

I am glad you asked.

I sat in the living room corner all morning, watching the snow pile up on the porch and turn the woods into Narnia. Daddy spent the morning battling the snow - and then the boys - and then it became clear that we needed to call in the brute squad.

I personally like the polka-dotted kerchief. Just me.

In other words, Bethany and Bailey donned their pink snowsuits (the color of power), pulled on five layers and dug the world out of snow. Or rather, came up against frozen slush, tripped on their shovel, cracked a rib and took a time out on the five-foot pile. This is their compilation.

- Rehearse science facts

Bailey: We should sprinkle salt all over. The freezing point of saltwater is considerably lower than the freezing point of regular water.

Bethany [disinterestedly]: Oh, really? Where'd you learn that?

Bailey: Chemistry.

Bethany [later]: The thunder and lightning last night was caused by warm air colliding with cold air.

Bailey: Cold air and warm air has nothing to do with it. Lightning's caused by electrical charge.

Bethany: Well -

Bailey: Wait. What causes electrical charge? Cold air and warm air colliding?

Bethany: I don't know. I studied that a month ago and forgot everything.

Bailey: Oh, that's nice.

- Look on the bright side of life

Bethany: My back hurts.

Bailey: This is worse than last Christmas.

Bethany: We'll never get through.

Joshua [he pops up here and there, cheerfully complaining]: I'm tired. I don't like snow. I'm going inside.

Bailey: Hey! It snowed another half-inch!

- Use big words

Bailey: Your support is inesmamubble. Inestimubble. InESTIMABLE. There we go.

- Quote The Princess Bride frequently

Goodbye, boys! Have fun storming the castle! [Or shovelling the driveway in a blizzard, as it were.]

- Put your sophomore year of logic into practice

Bethany: Did we move to Antarctica?

Bailey: Maybe we got put in a snow globe. Maybe we're going back in time.

[It doesn't snow on the fourth day of spring. It just doesn't. There must be another logical conclusion.]

- Get creative

Bethany [shovelling]: Hey! We're synchronized.

Bailey: We should start a new olympic sport.

Bethany: Exactly.

Bailey: Synchronized Snow Shovelling.

Bethany: And we're practicing.

- Catch a ride to Florida

Wait. That might not actually contribute to the shovelling of the driveway. Anybody want to move up to Wisconsin for a taste of our spring?

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  1. Sorry for the light fare. Words aren't coming for my more serious ideas.

    Must be the weather.

  2. No need to apologize, Bailey! I liked it! This post reminds me of conversations that I have had with my sister Bethany--while shoveling snow, no less. I'm sorry you got snow on the first days of spring. That must have been disappointing. I was born in Wisconsin, but we moved from their when I was around two, so I don't remember it at all. Personally I'll just stick with my MO weather now, so I can sit on the front porch reading and watching my baby sisters play in the yard :)

  3. I like light fare as well as the serious stuff. =) I grinned the whole time I read this post.
    I think March is being mean. We got some snow today, too (although not a whole foot). I preferred the rain that poured down all day yesterday. At least it felt more springlike.
    Spring is my favorite season, so it's sheer torture to have all this snow dumped on us! I'm all for catching that ride to Florida with you.

    Oh, I read the "Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" and "The Importance of Being Earnest"! I tried to read the Pickwick Papers book, too, but I only got a few chapters into it. I couldn't really understand what was happening, or who was who, so (I admit it) I gave up.
    As for the other two books, I liked them both. "Earnest" left me in stitches (oh, the irony!) and aside from a few details, "Guernsey Literary" left me with the impression that it was a really sweet, comfortable read. Thanks for recommending those!

  4. You forgot where I quoted that it would take a miracle to shovel the driveway. It did. ;)

  5. Haha!!! I loved this!!! I'm so thankful we have no snow today and could spend time outside... we're expecting snow next week though... GRRR! :) Thanks for sharing these sweet and funny moments!

    God bless!

  6. lol Bayleaf and Flop, moi loveth your sense of humor. :)

    Ack, isn't this snow HORRIBLE? I'm sick of snow.


  7. Loved the post !

    You two are so funny :) You , always thinking about school ... and Bethany ...Totally sarcastic ! LOL!

    ( BTW , I was doing the same thing this morning . Instead ,though , I was helping my brother get out of the driveway for 2 hours ! He was stuck ... Wouldn't you know :)

  8. Amy -- Perhaps there is some sort of emotional equation that produces these sorts of conversations when one reacts long hours of shovelling with sisters named Bethany.

    Julia -- Confession: I've only read like the first twenty pages of The Pickwick Papers, so you're excused. I am so glad you liked Earnest! And I agree totally with your assessment of Guernsey Literary. Now that I've seen the movie, I'm borrowing The Princess Bride from the library...if the snow holds off long enough for me to drive.

    Bethany -- *smacks head* Silly me.

    Rachel -- If one is in need of a laugh, hang out with Bethany. It's guaranteed to brighten you up.

    Kara -- Whoa. Did you just say...what I think you said? You? Miss Wisconsin? Hate snow?

    Sarah -- ROTFLOL! Wow, you've got us pinned down too well. I've got to watch what I say around you now. You know too much. ;o) (Luckily I was sleeping when my brother got stuck in the driveway.)

  9. So now I'm labled as the court jester...I should've known my true character would've be spilled sooner or later. Hopeless...

  10. Hahaha! You definitely had me laughing out loud with those two are hilarious.

    And just so you know, I like the polka-dotted kerchief myself. :)

  11. AHAaaaaaaaaHAHAHAHA! Wisconsin. Where you put snow tires on your lawn mower. ;D (I heard that one from a rodeo clown - about Canada...but it sorta works for Wisconsin too.)

    Awesome post, Dear Bailey. I hope to see you in, like, an hour. :)

  12. Oh, you two are so funny ... I grinned the whole post. "Quote the Princess Bride Frequently" was my favorite, as well as "Put Your Sophomore Logic Into Practice." =)

    On another note, I pity thee. We are enjoying 75 to 80 degree weather with sunshine and blue skies!

  13. Wow! It's a high of 75* here, and we're thinking how cool it is!

  14. Hey Bailey! I've figured out why I couldn't post comments; I'm perpetually stuck on the kid's side of the computer which blocks anything that has not been exclusively approved by my beloved mommy. ;) Thank goodness my mom decided to let me on her site for a little while to earn her some Swagbucks. :)

    And I love the polka-dot kercheif too. My youth pastor's wife has this exact picture in her kitchen (minus the lovely snow hat).

    Love this post - tell Bethany that the "I read it last month and forgot everything" sounds exactly like me. ;)

    Love you, Bailey!!

    -Alexxus :)

  15. In all my life, I can't recall a single time where I helped shovel snow. I don't even own a snow suit.
    You should move to our town, Bailey.

  16. O.K not to be discouraging but it was so warm and now got so cold ):


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