Vision, This Is Reality

7:30 AM

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 When I first learned about the idea of daughters training to become full-time mommies and keepers at home, I fell in love with this gigantic, world-impacting, multi-generational vision. I wanted to do something big. This seemed pretty big to me—training the next generation of world-changers, marrying and supporting the next C. S. Lewis, Martin Luther or Ronald Reagan, turning the home into a hub of ministry.
I was hooked.

Being eleven, I still had a pretty wait yet before actually marrying or raising children; I still was trying to figure out long division. (That was ugly.) I latched onto the idea of stay-at-home daughters—namely, supporting my daddy’s vision. Doing something big for him. Something—I don’t know what. But it would be big. Huge.

I asked him—several times, because apparently he didn’t quite share the scope of vision I did—“Daddy, what do you want me to be doing with my time? How can I help you?”

He always answered, “Help your mom out.”

I would make a box of macaroni and cheese that day and wonder why, when he had this passionate, intelligent, on-her-toes-ready daughter, he kept telling me to just help my mom out. Where were the ministry plans? Where was the book deal? Where was the speaking tour schedule?

I could do all that. Not only could I do it, I wanted to do it. I was totally surrendered.

Oh, really? Check out Raising Homemakers to find out. :)

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  1. Good for you! It is easy to write about and hard in the "trenches" ...but you can glorify God in the trenches where you minister to the eternal. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Great post! So true... It's amazing how we set our hearts on doing all the big things for God when what He really wants you to do right now is bless your family by cleaning up a mess. :)

    God bless!


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