That's One for the History Books

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"The Western world was gripped by feminism, a belief largely outdated and to those of us now, ridiculous, but back in the early twenty-first century, almost universally approved. Traditional manhood and womanhood were ill-defined, at best, and ridiculed, at worst. As a result (though no one admitted it), broken families, divorce and abortion were the norm."

I love inspirational movies. Not the kind that purposefully try to be inspirational, complete with stock dialogue, tears liberally shed about and hazy sappiness permeating the untenable happy ending. No. I mean the real inspirational movies, where the characters fight unquestionable odds and come out heroes in the end. Like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Like the Newsies. Like any other story that sees a problem through the eyes of insignificant, weak people who have a vision inside them to conquer that problem.

What sets these apart from the contrived inspiration of inspirational movies is that these are real life. Perfect endings amid miraculous (shall we say impossible?) circumstances that could only take place in a Hollywood studio...they leave us with happy feelings but not a hardcore inspiration. Movies, however, that take less than ideal circumstances, with worsening plots, with ordinary people who lose and are beaten down, with endings that you were almost positive were not to be happy...those get us to think. Those tell us to get moving. That we can make a difference. That it doesn't matter how uninfluential we are or how puny in the whole scheme of things.

"Today we rarely hear of feminism, but at the time, the debate about feminism was personal and passionate. The general population, combined with the media, social correctness and a radical feminist voice overall, rendered anything anti-feminism - or even different than feminism - politically incorrect. Thus, most women worked and were encouraged to work, while men were applauded for sitting on their heels either at home or in the work place - all in the name of gender equality."

I was thinking about how the course of history wasn't just thrown together by the luck of the draw. Ideas didn't change mankind because of some random drawing of the straws. Events didn't take place out of nothing. There were people behind them - driving home ideas, forcing opinions, fighting for truth or un-truth.

So...? So often we world-changer-wannabes think that simply because we thought of it, our ideas can never be realized, that fate is just always in favor of the next person. I get frustrated, especially, with feminism - how much it has poisoned women against men and knocked the breath out manhood and stolen the beauty of true womanhood. I feel so helpless, watching the mainstream political correctness pushing this - this as well as other related abortion. Divorce. Broken families. Fatherless children. Absent mothers. Confused women. Belittled men.

"But the Christian community - while sometimes violently split on the issue - rallied against the un-biblical views of manhood and womanhood that went beyond who brought home the paycheck each Friday. A counter-revolution began, with daughters willingly submitting themselves to their fathers' authority and finding employment and industry at home; and with women embracing motherhood and wifehood as a calling, not a title only."

But then I was thinking...what if we ended up in the history books? What if we who advocated strong families and distinct gender equality and complementarianism - the whole deal - what if we were such a force in today's world that it would be lying to ignore our comeback? What's to stop us? If feminism could change the course of history so permanently and quickly - why couldn't a counter-feminist revolution do the same?

How does anything take place? Individuals. Individuals who make up larger groups, who share the same ideals, who are vocal, persistent and passionate about what they believe. True, feminism and other liberal twists on humanity are more appealing to sin natures - that's the failure of all revolutions in Christ's name and why we preach the Gospel as the biggest jumpstart to cultural change. But is there not a Holy Spirit, able to take captive the hearts and souls of people? Is there not a power to His Word and a truth that cannot be denied?

We have that, unlike feminist and humanist revolutionists. But it doesn't start with the masses at large. It starts with us. Individuals. Individuals who are convicted by the same converting Spirit and by the same powerful Word. Individuals who do more than feel sorry and convicted - individuals who repent and conform to Christ. Individuals who are willing to be faithful in the practical outworkings of their visionary beliefs. (In other words, girls who are empowered to do dishes seven days a week without complaining. [INSERT WAR CRY])

"These Christian families, being totally revolutionary, ignored villification by religious and non-religious groups and the ignorant insinuations of ordinary people. Quickly their ideas caught on, spread by the passion and conviction of this group who argued that the Bible alone was the mainstay of society. Women began coming home - if not physically, then at least in their heart and mindset. Men began leading again - in their homes, in their churches, in their communities. The elevation and respect of both sexes skyrocketed, knocking down degrading stereotypes of men and women in the media. The whole landscape of belief changed in about the same time feminism took over the Western culture."

I believe that we can have a counter-revolution, not only to feminism, but also to liberalism and humanism at large. Let's start that counter-revolution now. Starting with me. Starting with you. History books, here we come.

"We have these faithful pioneers of Biblical manhood and womanhood to thank for a stronger culture, a stronger church and the stronger families who support them both." - quotes taken from the World History, Abridged Version, 2111

p.s. Homeschooling has already taken this advice. Look how far that's come. Wouldn't it be a God thing to have the World History 2111 mention the homeschooling movement?

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  1. What a glorious post! Dear, oh dear. How shall I sleep tonight?! Visions of the future so beautifully illustrated - I want to get to work!!! We serve a victorious God. His Word is sharper than any two-edged sword. His Spirit more powerful than a legion of demonistic philosophies. We will overcome because we are the body of Christ - and our King is the King Jesus.

    Hallelujah, we win!

    Praise the Lord. Amazing post, Bailey. It will be printed, shared & treasured.

    In victory,

  2. We shall change the world together, Shelby. First stop: Heart change. Next stop: World change.

    And yes...we win. =)

  3. Bailey, your history book excerpts were truly inspiring! You are making me think that maybe we can change history. I thought of a new verse to that old song:

    Onward, Christian soldiers,
    Washing dishes is part of the war,
    With the cross of Jesus
    Going on before.

    Do you like it?
    By the way, one of the most inspirational movies I've seen is "Amazing Grace", about William Wilberforce.

  4. LOL!!! You should seriously rewrite the whole song - homemaking-warrior fashion. That could carry me through the dishes quite easily.

    Amazing Grace was awesome. I loved that movie too.

  5. Dearest Bailey,

    We do have our work cut out for us!! I realize more and more how little is accomplished for Christ's sake without fervent, effectual prayer. May this counter- revolution begin and end on our knees!! Thank you for the post.

    Much love, Mrs. Reinke

  6. Beautiful. Your writing is unbelievable... So much truth in this post, Amen!


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