The Wrath of the Sister

7:30 AM

It's bigger than the biggest nuke. More powerful too. It's the brightest hope of the battlefront, and I entitle it, "The Wrath of the Sister."

Hold that thought.

Being myself, I have an oversensitive justice radar - if you will. In plain language, I get my hackles up about many things normal people will let slide - because it isn't fair. It isn't right. And boy, will I let you know where you're wrong.

There's been a process of learning to swallow that sense of injured pride, that injustice, when it deals with me. But when it comes to my better watch out. All the energy other siblings spend infuriating each other and popping each other's morale, we spend seething against nasty people who dare to hurt our beloved sisters and brothers.

That's not necessarily a good thing, by the way. But I have found that sisters (sisters especially, in my case) are necessary for getting out all the vengeance one should be able to vent but cannot because of this thing called grace.

I'm kidding there, but it is my natural tendency. My talented (and very humble, to the point where she doesn't even worry about whether she's humble or not) sister Bethany received a questionably polite comment - you're high and mighty, you're rude, you think everybody else is just nothing in comparison to you and your awesomeness. Well, I might be able to put in a good word for her being the best of the best. That much was true. But the comment was synthesized into one crudely written line - and I was furious.

She took it in stride, already planning the characteristic post on anonymous hate comments - I was planning vengeance. I spent the rest of the day following her around, just to make sure she didn't have a chance to break down in tears and let the commenter win.

In the end, I realized that even sisters had to be gracious too and behaved graciously towards this anonymous commenter...just as my sister did.

Then the same thing happened to me. It wasn't anonymous, but it was rude; and I was hurt by the blunt, ungracious, unfounded words, ripping my integrity and the entire point of my post. But while I (graciously - I hope) typed out a reply, Bethany sat next to me, scanning the comments to see who had injured me, defending me on every point - "I was going to write a comment to them, but decided not to." (She wrote to praise my post instead.)

Drama aside, I do love that we sisters - all of us - are knit so close together that we feel each other's pain. We feel each other's joy. We sit up till midnight counseling a confused big sister too frightened to grow up. We comment on each other's blogs - we stop to give hugs - we laugh when happy, tease when sarcastic and listen when sad, and yes, good-naturedly wreak vengeance on our siblings' oppressors.

We love each other.

And that's a powerful tool - a cord of five sisters, living and loving vicariously in each other. I mentioned warfare at the beginning of the post. We are in a war - for souls, for the culture, for the home and for Christ Jesus. The strength of sisters partnering together with a purpose - that's one big ballistic missile right there.

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  1. Three cheers for sisterhood! :) You're so right...I can't imagine life without my sisters. They are my best friends. <3

    Btw, you and Bethany are so sweet and gracious, but I've been sitting here getting kind of worked up. It would be wonderful if blogging lacked its anonymous and not-so-nice comments, but since it doesn't, you and Bethany keep your heads up and just keep blogging the truth. And remember that you have friends that are ready to pull out their "bloggin' boxing gloves" in your defense. :)*hugs*

  2. *grins* You really did follow me. I was afraid to think (because we have those solemn thinking faces) without you coming up and saying, "what's wrong?". :D

    *sighs in frustration* you stretched your "humbly gracious sister" a little too far. Written words can be taken back (a.k.a backspace) while thoughts cannot be. You'll never guess the post I had written in my head for Mr. Anonymous. -- I'm not as gracious as you think -- . ;) And if you want to talk about smugly humble (*grins*) look in the mirror m'dear. You're pretty humble. Especially when certain sisters and brothers say completely dorky stuff that you have every right to blow over with. ;D

  3. You know, I really don't see how anybody could come to either of you girls' blogs and leave nasty comments. I've only been following Bailey's blog for a short time, but I've been impressed with how well-thought and well-written your posts are, and you're firm in your convictions without being offensive to others.

    Remember, some people really do just prowl around the blog world, looking for people to leave nasty comments to. Some people are very unhappy. It probably wasn't you personally. :-)

    Have a wonderful evening!

    Love in Christ,

  4. Lovely Bailey! I couldn't say that any better. Siblings ARE annoying and get in your nerves, but you gotta love 'em! Great post!

  5. Mmm... there's nothing sweeter than a sisterly bond. For me that means that there's comfort in times of pain, laughter in times of joy, and advice on every aspect of life (whether you want it or not). It means a fellow piano-player, brainstormer, and joke-maker. Someone who looks up to me in admiration, even when I'm not worthy of it. It scares me sometimes when I realize just how much of what I see in my sister, Anna, is a result of my influence. It drives me to be more Christ-like (or as least it should. I can't that it always does.)

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm a terrible commenter in general, but know that I look forward to your every post. :)

  6. I totally understand "the wrath of the sister." I believe I have it in abundance when someone even looks at my brother the wrong way. Mom jokingly told me that "mama bears" were nothing compared to "sister bears." ;)


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