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3:31 PM

For your delight and edification, I am languishing on the couch this beautiful winter day. Geometry's done. History's done. Chemistry, here I come. (Someday I'll get to it, between sniffles and Kleenexes.) It's not really necessary for you to know it, but it explains why I am able to justify a whole hour on Blogger, writing about nothing in particular.

And it explains the socks. I like socks. They're wondrous inventions. I was going somewhere with this. Oh, yes. Blogger. I was about to explain that I've been having a think-a-thon these past few weeks. Usually I'm too busy to think anymore, which explains the ethereal inspirational posts of late rather than diatribes and common sense. But I have, no worries, been thinking. I've just been thinking that nobody's very interesting in my thinking.

Spirey's going to need some housecleaning, I see.
I mean to say that people are always interested in topical things, especially like dating and friends and how-to. The philosophical posts and stuff on doctrine and exegesis and all that jazz - those don't gather the most comments. So I'm trying to decide whether to say boo to my desire for more comments and just write what I like or put my interests through the wringer and conform. If my stats are correct, people are more interested in how to write comments than how to fireproof their life. For shame.

I've also been thinking about randomness. Do you have any idea how many unique, random, clever, klutzy people are out there? I'm starting to see that claiming to be ordinary would be the most extraordinary thing of all. There seems to be a surplus of randomness claiming to be more random than the randomness down the street. Does that mean coherency will be back in demand?

But then I'm out of luck, because I am not coherent. I am very random, but not very unique. When this blog came to be, I slaved over the name. Names and my ability to hit upon the right one are mutually exclusive for me, so it's amazing I settled down with Big House in the Little Woods at all. But I did, and I thought it particularly clever - until I realized a bed and breakfast, a blog and another website all thought the same thing. My poor sister had to deal with me trailing after her, moping about how miserable my blog name was - how uncreative - how utterly pathetic. (I discovered she has a limit on patience.)

A long while before that, my mum told me that there's nothing new under the sun. I had (still have) the papers and plans for a series on girls in Biblical times, like American Girl, only Christian...and Hebrew. Then a series of the same ilk popped up in our tiny library. I was devastated.

And I wonder if there is nothing new under the sun, literally - if there is nothing that has not be thought of before? I try hard. Really, I do. I pondered how we could be quite sure that everybody's idea of blue or pink was truly universal. How do I know that blue for you is blue for me? Unfortunately, the one thing I knew nobody had ever thought up in the whole wide world...I forgot it five minutes after I said it.

I love school. Can I say it? I'm tired of hearing complaints of mid-terms and finals. (Miserable of me, I know.) Now, there might be an exception for ACT prep, which inspires thoughts of flowers and other doodles instead of concentration. Or it might just be that the review of arithmetic proved fatal to my ego. I don't know this stuff. I forgot it on the last day of fifth grade.

But the most plausible reason is that its punctuation errors annoy me. As do those in my science book, my math book and yes, my history/English book. (Yikes - I almost left an i-t-apostrophe-s error in this post. To err is human, to err is human. Forgive my hypocrisy.)

Another love...reading. For awhile there I didn't have time to read and what I did have to read was abject misery. But now I've gotten back on an extracurricular subject: Roman Catholicism and the Reformation. It's heavenly. I'm more than halfway through with Roland H. Bainton's "outstanding modern contribution to religious literature," Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther. In strange ways, I identify with this reformer, though I'm not sure I wholly like him. That's the intrigue of it. (And after examining the book for a moment, I see that an Unmentioned One-Year-Old has stolen my bookmark. Again.)

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  1. I enjoy your theological posts. But I don't comment much, since you generally dismiss my sincere thoughts as somehow completely deranged and irrational. And you seem to desire a more female audience.

    Martin Luther has a similar effect upon me, as well. I identify with his search for truth, but he often ignores certain truthes and even teaches certain falsehoods that gall me. I first read a translation of his essay: The Jews And Their Lies for a college history course. It made me wonder many things about his grasp on the concept of grace.

  2. This post made me smile. (see? >>> :) ) I used to worry about what I should write, and despair at my lack of comments. But then I just decided to write about what I like - comments, or no comments. It's very freeing, actually. ;) And the doodles on your scratch paper also made me smile, because I am also a doodler. Especially if the doodles are daisies.

  3. This post sounds like something I'd write in my journal. =) I like to write just for the sake of writing. I 'talk' and talk and talk...until my hand gets tired.
    I'm sorry you have a cold! Being sick is nasty. =(
    I am so envious that you like school! I wish I could say the same. I find Algebra and Chemistry detestable.
    On the other hand, I absolutely love to read. But not, I would have to admit, books that sound as impressive as the one you're reading. I am mostly a fan of fiction. *grin*
    As you can see, there is not much point to this comment. I'm just 'talking' again. ;-) Hope you don't mind.

  4. [ I'm beginning to think geomentry isn't such a good idea if it will make you go as crazy to say you love school. :) ]

    I will admit you're smart enough to wear socks so your toesies don't fall off. Unlike meself - but then, what are you toastily warm feet for except to warm you poor sister's feet? Hmm?

    Creative. Nice pictures. I must say though, it didn't look like you had much of a cold.

    Handwriting. Atrocious. School. Congrats - you finished it. I (as you heard) just finished memorizing and reciting aprox. 120 zillion times, the three laws of Newton. ...Newton's first law: the velocity of an object never changes unless....(not to mention friction and kinetic and static friction and their definitions. See, I'm not that bad at science as you thought.)

    Cherrio. And btw. You owe me $50 for the kleenex I cleaned up. Plus tax.

  5. Tragedy101 - Deranged and irrational? I'm sorry about that. I've read too much (good-natured) sarcasm into your sincerity without realizing it. To be honest, I've always been afraid you thought me deranged and irrational, me being sixteen and a girl, and perhaps my comments reflected that misunderstanding. You've only always been most gracious to me and my ramblings...and I really appreciate that. And your comments.

    Like hit the nail on the head with Luther. His temper muddled much of his logic and conclusions. I don't blame Rome and Germany from excommunicating and banishing him, respectively.

    (No hard feelings?)

    :o) Sara, good for you. To be honest, I don't know why you don't get more comments. You have such sharp insights. But hear-hear for daisy doodles!

    Julia...we must be kindred spirits, except for the chemistry part. :o)

    Now, Floppeth, don't blow my cover - and I think that donating my body heat for your frozen toes pays nicely for the nonexistant Kleenexes you cleaned up. They were probably Daniel Franklyn's.

  6. lol :) I loved this post, dear Bayleaf! Your pictures, and your random musings...

  7. I think it's really nice how you reply to people's comments. It's such a friendly gesture. =) Thanks.
    And actually, I thought I'd tell you, I have never commented on a blog as often (a whole FOUR times!! ;-) as I have yours.

  8. Ack, dear Bayleaf. I know how thou feelest.

    I tend to have a "lack" of comments as well, and have been trying to figure out what to write that people will actually be INTERESTED in...but, I think the world could use something different. (If you know what I mean.)

    Your blog is very nice - and whatever you do with it, I shall remain thy rather un-faithful follower. :P

    I love you!

  9. I was sixteen once, and I knew more then than I do now. Quite seriously, I believe I had a better grasp on arguments then. And it is refreshing to read arguments not weighed on a scale of "greys" (experience-based assumptions about truth as opposed to faith-based beliefs concerning truth from God's word: "Black and white".)

    As to the sarcasm, I am glad you think it good-natured. That is very kind of you. I shall accept that as a great compliment.

    Please, forgive my misunderstanding of your interpretation of my comments.


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