A Sisterhood of Lives

7:30 AM

Five years ago, God grabbed hold of my heart. It wasn't through an amazing spiritual experience. It wasn't through an audible voice or a tingly feeling. It wasn't through a huge revival meeting and heart-rending sermon.

It was through a few young ladies and their burning desire to reach out to younger sisters in Christ. They weren't cool and hip - but peer pressure was there, positive, passionate. Hanging around them, reading their books, hearing their stories - I wanted to be like these girls. Through them, I saw how Christ can work in a young life in a lasting, uncompromising way.

When I left the conference, when I had finished the book, my role model was my big sister, my dearest friend, my email partner who made me laugh, made me think and made me into the girl I am today. She was three years older than me and had no specific script she wanted to say to me or any course of instruction she wanted me to go through...yet she left a huge impact on me.

Why? She first loved Christ - passionately, whole-heartedly. Then she loved me - passionately, whole-heartedly.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that peer pressure is powerful. It is an equally powerful and less universally acknowledged truth that once harnessed, peer pressure can become the biggest influence in God's kingdom.

Today I am the big sister...and I am bowled over, totally messed up as I am, how God is using me to reach out to younger girls. I didn't ask for it, really. I didn't like going up to strangers, no matter how lonely, and asking their name and bringing them into the group. I didn't set out to be anyone's role model - and I still don't actively pursue that position. But by nature of me being an "older" girl and there being younger sisters in Christ, I found myself with the life and love of several girls several years my junior in my hands.

I remember those girls who mentored me and shaped me and loved me - intentionally and freely. I remember, and I tremble that I am given that same influence. Who am I, to be given a chance to encourage and edify these precious girls?

We "big sisters" - we all have that chance. That chance to walk up to the new girl, the younger girl, and smile and bring her in. That chance to share our heart through an email or a letter, instead of holding back and rambling on about nothing of eternal value. That chance to give hugs instead of a cold shoulder. That chance to laugh and love, no matter how different, how annoying or how inconsequential they may seem compared to our other more mature friends.

There is a reason why two girls are brought into contact with one another. Find out that reason...and don't let any chances slip past untaken.

p.s. Don't forget your blood little sisters too!

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