Pro-Life Babies

7:30 AM

How precious is life?

One look at a baby's face settles the question.

There is more grace in a baby's life than any other form of dealing with the problem...more forgiveness. More unconditional love. God has poured into the mother-baby bond a specialness that points to His unchanging, amazing grace.

There is no argument stronger than a life full of giggles, bubbles and spinning around the speech more eloquent than the burbles and lisped picture more gut-wrenching than a pig-tailed baby grinning through a mouthful of first-birthday cupcake.

We must remember that we are fighting for a generation of brand-new souls...and we must proclaim it out of love for motherhood, love for babies, love for life...not hatred and anti-ness and negativity.

We are fighting to make sure every mother is able to brush her lips against her newborn's fuzzy head. We are fighting to make sure every soul has a chance to take its first step. We are fighting to make sure every woman learns to turn to the Father through the grace of becoming a mother.

We must learn the art of argument through a baby's withholding of a second heart-manipulation save that of smiles and lavender lotion.

If we want every mother to love their baby enough to fight for his life...then we must learn to love both mother and baby. The way a baby does. The way our God does.

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8 impressions

  1. SO TRUE. You hit the nail on the head. I can't understand how someone could go through with killing their baby...*sniffle*

    The pictures are really cute.

  2. Amen! What a beautiful post, Bailey!

    Love in Christ,

  3. Amen!Babies are a blessing and so is motherhood. I'm so glad you have come to value life as God does.

  4. This post is a such a beautiful reminder of why life is so sacred. Thank you :)

  5. This is a cute, CuTe, CUTE way to write this post. The pictures were adorable. :)

  6. and they all said, "amen" and few other shouts as well. :)

  7. Aww, Caroline and Daniel,*SIGH*, so cute! Yeah, it's hard to understand why some people don't appreciate life enough? I mean, come on people, why is abortion okay??
    Killing the innocent life of an unborn child is okay? What? It's time that we take a stand, show everyone how precious life is! Way to be pro-life Bailey! Love you!

  8. If people only saw and knew what they were doing when they are aborting their baby .

    This one lady worked at an aborting clinic . She only did the secretary stuff , but one day one of the docters needed her to help in aborting a baby . While doing this , she saw on a screen the baby they were killing... struggling for it's life . When seeing that , she dropped the thing she was doing and walked out . She never returned to her job .

    Now she is a fighting to save babies lives .

    When I heard this story , I nearly cried ! How Horrible. Now I'm even more thankful for my mom having me !

    Wonderful post .


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