How to Gain Followers and Influence People

6:30 PM

It's true that blogs are personal web logs, little bits and pieces of an individual's personality. I don't deny that. It's also true that a little conforming is necessary to be successful in being yourself. The circle of blogs I interact with - well, I don't fit in.

I went undercover as an outsider to learn the tips and tricks of the trade. Here's what I discovered.

Be a photographer. View your world through a lens. Plan to wear a camera strap as part of your daily wardrobe. And say so - a "Photography" link at the top of your blog, perhaps, or a lengthy paragraph in the "About Me" section. Try a photo header with some super snazzy editing (courtesy of Gimp, of course). And participate in photo link-ups. That's a good way to earn followers too.

(By the way, I tried to be conformist and pretend I was an amateur photographer. No need to emphasize the "amateur" part, you know...I can be honest with myself.)

Another thing. Everyone who has 200+ followers is spontaneous, elusive, pretty and in love with beauty. Get creative. Think random. Write detached, eerily gorgeous posts a la Alice in Wonderland (in Century Gothic font - an absolute essential).

Stay in touch with pop culture - fashion, say, or current music. Work song lyrics into your posts, write up about concerts and outfits, and rest assured, the comments will come in. That's key to influencing people: just go with the flow.

The most successful bloggers - listen to me now - the most successful bloggers, besides being photographers, are absolute graphic design whizzes - HTML divas, if you will. Change your blog design every three weeks or so. You know how popular your blog is by how many copycat templates pop up on the web.

Offer blog advice, troubleshoot Blogger and dispense HTML codes freely and without a second thought. You can never go wrong with free beauty makeovers for the less technological brethren in the blogosphere. We latch onto you very quickly.

Three essential hobbies to become a successful blogger are writing, photography and music. Write a novel. It seems to be the national bloggers' pastime. Everybody's doing it. Why not jump on the bandwagon?

So that's what I learned - that and the fact that I'm a poor conformist. I think the thousand words are worth just as much as the picture. I take my time combing through the HTML code. I don't know the first thing about fashion or music or discovering beauty.

And that's okay. Some of us are plainer, wordier, un-technologier. We like sarcasm instead of eery beauty; we dig confrontation and meaty discussions instead of eye-dazzling posts. We may be in the minority, the around-fifty-followers bracket, but we're needed.

(I think.)

But I, from a distance, still admire that group of beauty-hunting, Canon Rebel-loving, graphic-designing bloggers.

Curious. Which are you?

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  1. I don't believe I'm any of the three... some people might say I'm rebel-happy {actually though I don't own a canon rebel}. I'm definitely not a fashion, beauty-queen. And like you I enjoy fiddling around with html. :-) And definitely we are needed... :-)

  2. Well Bailey, your blog is all of the above! It's amazing. Unlike my simple little blog and my impressive nine followers! *Laugh* Yes, us smaller bloggers are needed. Love you!

  3. I enjoy photography, but rarely post. I like fiddling around with html, but rarely change my blog design. And I am definitely no fashionista. lol Probably the reason I don't have many followers, but I love the faithful ones I do have. :)

    You are very much needed. Your blog so often provides "stop and think" posts that are just as important (if not more so) than the 'fluffier' stuff found elsewhere.

    Oh, and just had to point out that your coat and hat are so cute! :)

  4. Wondrous! I don't really like all the "fashion" sortof things, but I like photography, and...DO write little things on what's been going on...Do I qualify? lol

  5. A heads up: Bethany wants it known that she does most of the HTML editing on my blog and that the coat is, in all actuality, hers.

    Just a little disclaimer to smooth over the sisterly rivalries. {ahem}

    Lovin' the comments, girls! So far we've got the Tweeners...the photography happy yet sensible and sweet folks. That will change once Floppeth comments.............

    Love you all!

  6. Sometimes, I think it is not worth keeping my "always sweet" spirit. Sometimes I have the ever smallest slight urge to use the phrase, "I oughta slug you" I would never be that mean, would I now? ;)

    First, I think the lovely ladies need to know my sister's sarcasm. I, your translator, tell you now. That post was sarcasm. Just so you know. :)

    Furthermore, I do not qualify for the big-hot spots in the blogger world. True. I like photography and perhaps others might too. But it is ever so unclassy.

    I don't have the snazzy little sayings at the end of every post. The quotes. The anonymous hate comments - the eloquency to get your point across. The piles of problems that all commenters offer sympathy. And which gain a couple hundred of them.

    Most certainly, not the fashion posts. Heavens. It would be too outlandish to say the least. Did I mention I was the only person who voted on a poll saying "no" to fashion posts? Thank goodness it doesn't show your name.

    In conclusion - I'm one of those stick-along-in-the-ride-bloggers. I fail misreably when it comes to your list up thar. Whar's the wonderfullness in it anyways?

    Also - if it is a blog about horses or anything with horses - you're getting all those horse lovin' ladies. Every one of 'em.

    And that is what I have to say. The dead doorknob with the wet blanketful of comments has spoken. To put it nicely. Rather.

    So sayin'.


    And perhaps a small *hug* there - but I don't know... ;D



  7. P.s. And what a ridiculous way to disgrace the family. Those pictures.

    (you'll need to write a translator comment below my comments. People won't understand my sarcasm either. Or my grammar and spelling)

  8. P.P.S. May I have a post request? Write one about that "socializing" homeschoolers video. :D

  9. I'd have to say I'm a confusing mix of it all. Just like everything in my life :D
    I'm definitely Cannon Rebel-happy, beauty hunting, and I enjoy graphic designing when I find the time, but I enjoy biting sarcasm, plain jane simplicity, verbosity, meaty discussions, and all that wonderful stuff.
    'course, I don't find much time to blog anymore, so maybe I can't claim to be any of it? What do you say?

    And yes girl, your are Muchly needed in this blogosphere! I wish there were more like you, I honestly enjoy your wordy thoughtful, and wonderful post much more than the eye-dazzling blogs out there!


  10. As Floppeth mentioned, this post was made of the purest sarcasm...but it is a little self-serving, I suppose, to hear how needed I am. Y'all are so sweet. :o)

    And a wonderfully good mix you are, Elissa! *hugs* I suppose a die-hard popular poster would find time for blogging, but a person with a real life wouldn't. So that's a compliment.

    My goodness, Floppeth. You are the goofiest, dearest, nastiest girl ever. But I must beg to differ. You do have snazzy little sayings, like, um, "toodles" and "peachy keen" and "wala" and all that jazz. And you post hair-do posts. Which counts as fashion. Sort of. And your photography is awesome. And your blog is awesome.

    Please stand up a little taller so that we call gawk at you in amazement.

    *snort* If you want to talk about disgracing the family......;o)

    (A post on socialization might be coming up. But I might write one on you instead.) *hugsies*

  11. One word mentioned about myself in a post and thou shalt be forever regretful of doing so.

    *coughs* perhaps my photography might have some qualities, but certainly I have not mastered Bokeh - and all great bloggers have Bokeh - and those photograph watermarks.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I do have a few sayin's - but most people don't even see it or copy it for one of their posts. Then it kinda doesn't become my sayings. ;)

  12. Dear me, I don't know what category I'm in. I think my blog is altogether random...written by a girl who is very... well, maybe not "very", random. (?)


    I love your blog, Bayleaf. Simply, love it. You are an excellent writer, and your pictures were lovely. :)

  13. I have an invite-only blog (family rule), so I can't score my blog by followers. But I can still evaluate myself!
    - I don't post about fashion. Although, to be honest, I'd like to. I twist fashions to suit my taste, which I find amusing.
    - I WOULD be Canon Rebel-loving (how about obsessive?), but I don't have that kind of cash. So my Canon PowerShot does the job, resulting in photography posts galore.
    - I love jazzy edits. But - oh, horror of horrors! - I use Picnik . . .
    - I go for that beauty-seeking stuff. . .the innerly, 1 Peter 3:3-4 kind.
    - I am NOT a HTML diva. My blog format hasn't changed in about a year.
    - I'm out of the culture. Huh? What IS the culture right now, anyway? Who's my favorite song artist . . . how about Steve Green?

    There. I've complied with your sarcasm and the making of that list was quite enjoyable. And I will say, I don't know but the solid, sarcastic, hard-hitting, theological style is better after all. =)

  14. LOL! Well played, Natalie, well played. I quite agree with you on sarcasm...and Picnik. :o)


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