7:30 AM

Just when everyone had their lines memorized, costumes picked out and schedules coordinated, one of the three biggest snowstorms of the season (to quote a meterologist) hits. Peaceful landscapes are shaken up like a snow globe and the inhabitants left reeling and playing phone tage. "Wait - you can't come? Are you sure? Hang on, let me call Pastor again. (Baited grumble.)"

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year. Or it can not be. Specially if Christmas plays are involved.

I called one of my friends to pass on the dour news of cancellation, and he found it absolutely hilarious.

The nerve.

You know...I've learned so much through this frustrating cycle - letting go of perfectionism, leaving stress alone, learning to laugh instead of pull hair. Just trusting. I tell our group every time we practice that this is for God's glory and we need to remember that.

Hello, Bailey? Somebody needs to tell that to me every time we start. There's always one grumpy girl who exits stage left by the end of rehearsal.

So we get blizzarded in on the weekend of the performance. So what? If I truly believe it's all for God's glory, I would do well to remember Him who alone knows where the "storehouses of snow" are. If I truly believe He's omnipotent, if He has a will for this performance, if He has an interest in being glorified, then the performance got cancelled for a reason.

We just have to wait for that reason.

But looking on the bright side of things, at least our Christmas program didn't end up like this:

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  1. 1st - *hugs* the play will get done - it will it will!

    2nd - *coughs* who was crazy enough to bring a live camel down a church sanctuary?


  2. I agree with your Mother. Yikes!

  3. It's alright Bailey. I agree, the snowstorm changed everyones plans!

  4. First: That was very scary! Are those people okay?

    Second:That was also really funny... I laughed

    Third: I am relieved that our play can't be that bad, since we don't have any live animals (just some underappreciated shepards and a restless, Jesus baby) Just kidding. Daniel will do great.

    Fourth: I'm glad we're all starting to just laugh more and take the play more lightly.

    Fifth: I love you! - Love, Stacy

  5. Oh dear! Those poor people... and the camel..! Wow!

    Good luck with your play!

  6. Those poor pews.

    >>>By the way, the camel's name is Lula Bell.

    Do you guys think we should rent a cow for our Christmas play? We might not be able to pull off a catastrophe a la camel without an amazing choir to keep the congregants occupied though....

  7. Bailey,

    You, my friend (if you don't mind me calling you that) are my newest inspiration. There are few things that stir my heart more than a fellow young person who knows what she believes, is not afraid to say it, and can, in fact, say it very well.

    I agree whole-heartedly with you - "Kindred spirits."

    Thank you... for your blog, and for taking a stand for what you believe in. I look forward to reading your posts!

  8. One time I went to see a Christmas play that was being acted out by a swimming pool. (Why, you might ask? I have no idea) Anyhow, at the part where the camel was supposed to approach Mary and the baby Jesus, it fell into the swimming pool!!! It was soo funny and it drenched everybody. You should have seen the look on the poor guy's face while he was attempting to get it out of the pool!

    -Carilee :)


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