Vision and Victory

1:16 PM

Five days. Eight thirty to nine o'clock each time. Lack of sleep, no down time and whole lot of fun.
And we won.

Let me back up. On Thursday, my parents left me rolling my green suitcase in the congressman-hopeful Reid Ribble's Green Bay office. That started a whirlwind five days of campaiging from Ribble and his Republican teammates Ron Johnson (Senate) and Scott Walker (governor). I signed up with Generation Joshua, a group of mostly homeschooled kids fired up about civics, to help win one of the biggest upsets in recent history. How's that for awesome?

About twenty-five kids, two moms and four team leaders from Patrick Henry College formed our group -- and let me tell you, they were amazing. We dropped lit, bugged voters on the phone and screamed at rallies. We split our sides over furious voters, freaked out over creepy houses we had to drop lit at and spent the night in our rooms talking over our jam-packed day. It was fun.

It was awesome. Awesome. That was the word most used this week. And truly, that's the best word to sum it all up. And since y'all weren't there and I had no camera (ha), I'll let the media tell the story.

On Sunday we formed the major part of the Scott Walker rally -- signs, screaming and, yes, grooving to the beat of "Walker, Johnson, Ribble!" James Flath was the most awesome organizer in this event. His James Dance is famous now, for it will, in all probability, end up on Facebook sooner or later. It's that epic. You guys have not lived life to the fullest until you have hung out with him. Oh -- and my team leader, Dan, founder of Team Wolf Pack, was just as amazing, just for the simple fact that he put up with me for nearly a whole day of lit dropping...and he even let me pick on his Wis-scan-sin accent. I love those guys. And the media loved them too. These guys ended up all over the news. Awesome.

Speaking of all over the news, James got followed around by a camera on one of our last days of lit dropping. My roommate Amy (who won a gift card for being the most energetic of us all -- so true) let James tag along. She's in the blue. She's awesome too. Click here for video.

What was really awesome? I personally met and shook hands with every single one of the candidates I campaigned for -- Scott Walker I met once at the rally, once at our Green Bay office (below); Ron Johnson came the last day of the campaign; and Reid Ribble visited us everywhere. This morning, while waiting to be picked up, I spoke with him twice more -- in a sort of general way. I'm not that famous. But I cannot say enough about this man. His faith and his humility and his heart -- I was blown away. What can I say? I love him. Click here for video.

We helped Reid Ribble win. It was our phone calls, our sign waving, our energy, our hoarseness and cold fingers and aching feet that helped win the election. We were just kids (though James insists we are not), and we helped upset the Democratic grip on our nation. We. We the kids of the United States. Because we had a vision. And because we had a vision, we had a victory. James is holding up his iPhone and the girls around him are our girls. I'm in there somewhere. I actually think I hear myself cheering. And I think I might have seen my hair. But as I said -- I'm not that famous.

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  1. P.S. In the first video (didn't notice at first), at around -1:42, I'm the first girl in the short-sleeved, dark blue shirt. Yup. Pretty awesome.

  2. That is great Bailey! How exciting, you got to shake Scott Walker's hand!!! Lucky you, that looked like a lot of fun!Saw you in the video, they were great. You have to tell me all about it on Friday!

  3. Awesome. Totally. Cool. And I thought it was just awesome catching a glimsp of him in the lobby. :D

    And you should've seen Dad and Mom excited at the news...*grin*


  4. Oh ! Bailey ! It sounds absoloutly wonderful ! It sounds like such fun ! Talking about calling people to vote ... We had nearly 15 calls a day telling us to vote ! It was crazy !!! After 5 calls from animated voices telling us to vote ... I started to predict wich politican was going to call next ! Lol ! I have to say , most of my guesses were right ! LOL !

    Saw you in the video !

    Three cheers for the republicans ! Ribble ! Walker ! Johnson ! YAY !

    Love you ! Sarah

  5. Sounds like you had a fun time!! :) I saw you in the video!

  6. Bailey!!! Yay!!! Yeah, I thought that was you! HA, they're all shouting "GO PACK GO". Nice.

    Did you have fun!? Was it awesome?!

    Can't wait to see you on Fri!

  7. How exciting...that is so wonderful what y'all did!! Before you even mentioned it, I noticed you in the video and was going, "Hey, that's Bailey!" So cool. :)

    I was so happy with how the elections turned out. Elisabeth and I were poll officers at our precinct's voting polls...we also voted for the first time! :)

  8. Maria -- Scott Walker was pretty fun. I'm so pumped to have met everybody we campaigned for. And oh, will definitely hear all about it on Friday!

    Flop -- I could have introduced you to Ribble. He would have loved it too.

    Sarah -- ha! I had a couple people tell me they got called one too many times. I should have called y'all too, just to be aggravating. ;o)

    Anna -- super fun!

    Kara -- LOL! You must be a diehard Packer fan, but we are most definitely NOT cheering about the Packers. ;o))) That'd be "GO SCOTT GO" -- but he did make Packer references that got wild cheers. Boo.

    Erin -- I can't believe that you recognized me. It took me several times to finally figure out I made the news. How cool that you got to vote! And help out! Woohoo, patriots!

  9. To repeat everything everyone has been saying, I think it's SO COOL that you got to do all that.

    And I smiled at all the times you used the word awesome. :)

    How many people hung up on you when you called?

  10. How many people hung up? About 10%. Eighty percent were answering machines. Ten percent were actually people.

    (Isn't "awesome" awesome? :o))

  11. That sounds like a ton of fun! I absolutely spotted you in the first video before I even read your comment, I was like "HEY!! There she is!" :D

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


  12. Boy. Y'all make me feel blind. Is my hair that Bailey-ish? :o)))


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