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7:30 AM

Something about seeing an "Edit Posts" section chock full of old scheduled posts kills creativity. I bored myself to death perusing through them. I tired myself with the humdrum deepness that so often characterizes my life. So I thought, "Why not shake things up a bit? Why be boring? Why not, for once in my life, be profound?"

And goodness, did I find some things to be profound about.

There is, for instance, this shocking epidemic of cute babies. I know we must all extend grace to people of all different temperaments, but really, they go too far. There ought to be a limit on cuteness. There ought to be a fine for excess cuteness. It goes to their heads -- they flaunt their cuteness; they know they're cute, and they flaunt it. They giggle and grin and hug and wave bye-bye, and if worse comes to worse, they have this overwhelmingly sweet way of sticking out their lower lip and producing perfect drops of tears.

I can't take it any longer. A case in point: Being an exhausted ex-campaigner, I tried to ignore the cuteness of my baby sister who was absolutely enthralled with the fact that I was home again. She made me feel positively guilty when I tried to curl up on the couch and snore. She would run up to me, giggling and grinning and giving hugs, just when I had reached the shores of slumber. She alone was responsible for the fact that I got no afternoon nap and spent my time cuddling instead.

Such behavior is scandalous. And from all the babies I have seen so far, this epidemic is widespread.

Then we must tackle the absence of commenters from the blogdom. I have noticed the quietness around the borders, which is surprising, due to the fact that everybody seems to have made a mass exodus from the internet. I cannot understand how so many people can find a life in so short a time. Perhaps it is just me. I do recall a popular young lady who acquired more commenters than I have just by taking a blog break. How someone can be so charismatic and silent at the same time puzzles me bonkers. Did I read the wrong edition of How to Make Friends and Influence People? But even I, hardcore blogger that I am, have felt the desire to step away from the computer and do something nominally useful -- like, I don't know, eat the last chocolate chip cookie or pick up socks off the floor.

Which leads me (in a roundabout way -- I hope you are still there) to a curious fact that I have often pondered. It seems to me that when I am going through a problem or am cogitating on an idea or am gaining a new emotion, everybody else is too. It's ridiculous. It's uncanny. I will say to my dear friend, "I've been feeling such-and-such lately" and she will perk up and say, "I know! Me too! I was just thinking of that!" Fate is interesting like that, but after awhile, it (pardon) gets old. I begin to feel unoriginal. I begin to think that maybe I am turning out to be an ordinary sort of person with ordinary problems and ideas and feelings. That perhaps I may, actually, in all reality, be a Teenager.


But the problem I have not been able to crack, but is of pressing concern due to the cold and flu season, is this: Why is it that when one merely sneezes, the people around say, "Bless you!", but when one is hacking away at a cough, it is good manners for the cougher to apologize for his coughing? Sneezing seems un-life-threatening to me, while coughing -- I have stood by many a cougher wasting away before me, unable to utter a single "Bless you!" because of convention. Plus, sneezing must spread far more germs at a faster rate. It seems perfectly rational (to me) to say "Bless you!" to the cougher simply because he is more considerate in his distribution of germs.

Oh, but I promised something profound in this post. I have thought of something: I have nothing profound to say. Surely that is profound, in some way. Take it or leave it.

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  1. lol Too funny! About the subject of coughing, I was JUST thinking of that! Okay, not really, but it sounded good to say. ;) Definitely a matter to consider though... :)

    On a serious note, you are regularly a very profound person...many of your posts cause me to really think about things deeper or in a way I had not considered before. And if that isn't profound, I don't know what is. :)

  2. :D Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. You are brilliant person who has a gift for writing. Put those two things together and what do you have? "A good blog post writer who encourages and helps people!" :)

  3. I speak from experience; don't ever take for granted those hugs and "cuteness" from your younger siblings. I extremely miss those hugs and giggles. Even a combat trained Marine tears up at a simple picture of his baby sister laughing. On a more profound note, never at anything for granted. God can take away everything we hold dear and it is at that moment in time that we find what we truely believe. Being a Christian at the same time as a Marine is nor an easy task. So, all I want to point out is to enjoy the little things that God puts in your life. Family is a blessing from God, but remember that the only thing that really matters is your relationship with Him. Try going through boot camp and see how strong your faith comes. I saw many a harden recurit (soon to be Marines) realize that fact, that the only thing that matters is Him. How I got all that out of "cuteness" is beyond me. Semper Fi and God bless.

  4. Great comment, Chase. How did I ever get such wonderful children? Cute AND wise?


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