Applied Theology

7:30 AM

What difference does it make that God is Who He is? How does that affect our lives? How do we live in light of those truths? Well, let's take a look.

If God is omnipotent...

- then we have no reason to worry about anything, for He is strong enough to take care of it.
- then we have no reason to fear anything, because nothing can overpower God.
- then we have every reason to come to Him in prayer, knowing that He can do what He promised.

Basically, if we are trying to do things in our own strength, if we constantly worry and complain about the world and its trials, then we make God out to be a weak God who does not work in our lives. That's the theology of God we show the world.

If God is omnipresent...

- then we have no reason to believe He is absent when we feel He is.
- then we cannot complain about anything, because He is there doing something.
- then we can trust Him to comfort, correct and conform those of whom we pray.

Basically, if we are depressed, complaining or angry at God, we limit our God. That's the theology we show the world.

If God is omniscient...

- then we can ask Him anything and expect an answer.
- then we can trust Him exclusively and not doubt His Word.
- then we have no reason to question His actions or get angry with Him.

Basically, if we trust our own opinions without consulting His Word, if we constantly question the trials He sends in our lives, if we do not feel confident that His Word is enough, then we make God out to be little more than a good advisor who doesn't always know the best things to do. That's the theology we show the world.

If God is righteous and holy...

- then we can never think we are "good enough" in our own right.
- then we cannot treat sin as mere "oopsies."
- then we would desire to discover just exactly how we ought to pattern our lives.

Basically, if we live the way we want, if we let sin go unconfessed, then we make our God out to be tolerant of evil and His ultimate blood sacrifice superficial at best. That's the theology we show the world.

If God is a God of grace...

- then we can be sure He does nothing out of spite, and thus have no reason to doubt, worry and get angry over His actions.
- then we can be sure He will forgive us and cleanse us when we confess our sins.
- then we would show grace to those who hurt us, even if they hurt as badly.

Basically, if we fear that God will be angry with His children because we sin, if we think we aren't good enough to stand before His presence, if we withold forgiveness from others and live in bitterness, we make God's grace and salvation of no effect. That's the theology we show the world.

How do you live your life in light of God's character?

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  1. To show mercy because He has shown the ultimate mercy, to love His Law above all and desire to please Him, to understand that He will always catch us when we fall and loves us when we fail...but not our failures. Excellent post, sweetie!

  2. - wonderful post -

    {and I can't say anything else because I can't collect my thoughts, because my mouth is killing me, and I still can't get over that I was asked if I liked "Twilight"} **owwwww**



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