Perfectionists Anonymous

7:30 AM

Topic Addressed: Unrealistic Expectations

Catchphrase for Tonight: Perfectionism is good in that when others fail, I succeed. Perfectionism is not good in that when others succeed, I fail.

Homework Assignment:

- remember that looking stupid is not as bad as being sinful

- learn that life is not a contest

- admit you're wrong...and not always special

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4 impressions

  1. ((that was the shortest post yet)) ;)

    Lol, I'm not a perfectionist, but I don't like looking dumb...

    Okay. I sorta am.

  2. I agree. We'd like to think we are always right and super special but truth is....... we are not. Wish we were though, Right?

  3. I'm a HUGE perfectionist...and I also have a HUGE fear of failure! So I seriously need to join Perfectionist Anonymous... ;)

  4. Wow. I am a perfectionist. I suppose this fact is both good and bad, since our strongest point is also our weakest. But, in my case, I definately shall try to remember that even when I feel like "looking stupid is a sin," (Wow, that was an accurate saying Bayleaf!) it isn't bothering anyone but me. :P
    Bravo on another good post!


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