The Black Chemistry

7:30 AM

I arrived at the title of this post with a simple help from geometry. You see, the Black Death was actually a plague that produced death (plague = death). Chemistry also is plague (plague = chemistry). Therefore, sanctioned by the Substitution Property and the Transitive Property, we create our theorem: If plague = death and plague = chemistry, then chemistry = death.

Thus the title.

There really are good reasons for me to feel put down by chemistry. Reason 1: A 5kg rock at 120 degrees C is placed in 125kg of water at 20 degrees C. If they reach equilibrium at 45 degrees C, what is the specific heat capacity of the rock?

I dunno either.

Reason 2: It takes me an hour and a half to work out one of three On Your Own problems - with the textbook open, working with the explanation right in front of me. What with all the pencil erasings, bathroom breaks, pencil sharpening and Xing out, it's rather a delicately rough procedure.

Reason 3: It makes no sense.

Reason 4: Because it makes no sense, I have to enlist the aid of an online video which uses J/kg*C instead of J/g*C. Thus the specific heat of water was 4,187, not 4.184. And I found that out after I proudly figured the entire problem all by myself. Folks, the units really do affect the answer key.

Reason 5: This is killing me.

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  1. - I do not write Lol - algebra is the same way (right??)

    I'm dead after this ninth pencil tip broken.

    I think I'm asking mum for a sickness leave.

    Or you can secretly smash my textbook - I don't care.


  2. I know....isn't chemistry AWFUL?!!!!!

    I haven't quite started mine yet. whoops. lol.

    ~carilee :)

  3. Great. I thought science in general was killing me! Just wait till I start chem.

  4. Yeah, Chemistry. Always fun. I pity you, public schools have such a wide array of fun chemicals. You aren't related to a licensed chemist, are you?

    The fun can, quite literally, kill you.

  5. OH, poor, poor Bailey. I DO know what that's like. It isn't chemistry with me yet, but every year I've had a least a couple days like this - and I know they're torture.(Did I happen to mention that on the first day of school, I spent approx. four hours on math? - Perhaps it takes you longer than that, but four hours seemed FAR TOO LONG for me.) I'll be praying for you, keep your chin up! ((hugs))

  6. On Your Own? Heh heh, I recognize that...lemme guess, Apologia Chemistry, with Dr. Jay Wile, right?

    I narrowly escaped chem in order to get physics at the local high school. Thank goodness: most of my homeschooled friends are taking chem this year and it sounds...erm...SO fun, heh heh.

  7. Oh no, I have to take that same chem course next year. Physical science was a weak point for me, I'm dreading chemistry....


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