You Know You're Homeschooled...

7:30 AM

...if you spontaneously blurt out geography songs during a Fourth of July potluck.

...if your brothers are walking WWII dictionaries.

...if you find your mother constantly nagging you not to read.

...if home ec is necessary to eat lunch.

...if the dinner table discussion centers around politics and philosophy.

...if your younger sibling is your best friend.

...if you get weird looks while shopping during school hours.

...if your baby sister is already looking intently at books.

...if all your favorite people range from preschool to retirement.

...if your brother provides running commentary during the frog dissection.

...if the school bell is your Cinderella alarm clock.

...if people repeatedly ask your mother, "Are they all yours? Or is this a daycare?"

...if you've been trained to read through tears, screams and laughter.

...if you stare at your second grade Sunday school teacher when she flips the lights on and off.

...if you don't know how to line up properly.

...if your family reunions and your class reunions are all lumped together.

...if you love learning, love home and would love to do it all over again.

That's when you know you're homeschooled.

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  1. Absolutely and perfectly TRUE! Especially the reunions all lumped together! Except the lining up one...they line up pretty good at dinner time-teehee! You had some good ones! Love the alarm clock and the frog dissection, does your brother really do that?!

  2. Tell you what I'll give you 4, 9, 11, and 15; but the others are indicators of a large family that is very close. I'm not even certain about 9, but I'm not sure what retirement means. So I'll just give it to you.

    Dictionaries or encyclopedias?

  3. This was fun to read. Being homeschooled is awesome!

  4. And they all said, "amen." Lol - would write more but must skip over to science!!'ll know you're homeschooled if you laughed your head off over this post. :D


  5. This made me smile. :)(this comment disobeys most of your comment rules in one of your previous posts, lol, sorry about that :))

  6. Mrs. Howard - LOL I'm afraid that dissections were very intense bonding sessions.

    Tragedy101 - You got me there, but after all, isn't the stereotypical homeschool family large and close?

    *faints* Encyclopedias. Though if defining German words and war terms counts, dictionary still works.

    Sereina - It sure is!

    Kara - :o)

    Bethany - Aw, that could have been an awesome ending. Why didn't I think of it?

    Maddi - If that comment writing post gets me a ton of "I'm sorry I'm not following regulations" comments, it's my own fault. *HUG*

  7. Lol:) This is so true.

  8. I can relate with most of that, my homeschooled friend! Now you should do a post on the most popular questions you get being homeschooled. #1 would be... "Do you get to wear pajamas?" Ha Ha! Love, Stacy

  9. Oh man...I was in there at least a dozen times. :-P

  10. Anna - even the Cinderella alarm clock? ;o)

    You know, Stace, I've never gotten the pajamas question. To me it's ridiculous. Doing school in sleepwear is icky. It's unscholarly. It's just not me.

    But Daniel, on the other hand....

    The Warrior - those were the good days. :o)

  11. WOW Bailey! I could testify to those. One of the first things I get is How Late do you sleep in and I bet your done with school at noon. Yeah, homeschooling is definitely unique! LOL!

  12. hehe, those are funny... and true! I'm homeschooled too! I like your blog.


  13. ...if you recite your spelling words while jumping on the mini-trampoline.

    ...if the preschooler in your home *almost* gets things right. "You George Franklin invented electricity?"

    ...if "homework" can include making your bed.

    These happen at the Green house. Thanks for the giggles, Bailey!

  14. Yup, I get the done-before-noon question and the one about sleeping in. It's always embarrassing to answer those questions. :P

    Thanks, Mattie! Feel free to stick around...I love homeschooled girls. ;o)

    ROTFLOL! Mrs. Green, I blame you for the glares I got as I giggled over George Franklin. And oh, my..."homework"...very clever. :o)


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