Writer's Block 101

7:30 AM

Do your thinking gears need some grease? Got a flat tire on your blogging enthusiasm? All you need is a little inspiration...25 of them.

1. Snap some random photos - of the garden, of your cat, of your button collection. Add some fun captions to get your readers rolling with laughter.

2. Brainstorm. Just write whatever comes to mind.

3. Write a diagnosis for your writer's block, explaining the symptoms and expounding the cure.

4. Pull out some of your favorite books when you were younger and type up a review.

5. Answer an imaginary reader's question. Be sure to give him a specially ridiculous name.

6. Ask your friends and family what you should write about and cleverly compile the answers.

7. Shadow your pet for the day. What does she do all day?

8. Post an old English assignment - leaving all the typos and misspellings, of course.

9. Start a series - on something. Fall photos. Past Christmases. Cooking disasters. Design a little banner for it and name it something snazzy.

10. Find an old photo and tell the story behind it.

11. Have an "I Remember..." day about a special moment. Recall all the details - and encourage your readers to share their special moments.

12. Compare and contrast how you were at age three and how you are now. That ought to be interesting, to say the least.

13. Pick a pet peeve - pajamas on the bathroom floor, empty cereal boxes in the pantry - and write an essay denouncing such behavior. Grab some vivid, Dickensian verbs to match.

14. Draft a silly bill (fines for mismatched socks, an ordinance against sunflowers shorter than two feet) and have your readers debate whether or not it should be passed.

15. Create a survivor's guide to your backyard - everything you need to know in order to get around safely.

16. Interview several different people on one topic, serious or silly. Try to be a fair reporter and come up with good questions.

17. Host a fellow blogger fest. Tell about your favorite bloggers and why their blogs are so awesome!

18. Switch blogs with a blogging friend. She writes a post on your blog, you write a post on hers.

19. Make up a story that has to have these ten words: frog, summer, inch, quickly, found, golden, box, hungry, spotted and pencil.

20. Pretend you're a sports commentator reporting on the exciting family board game bonanza.

21. Think of someone special and tell your readers why you love her so much.

22. Blog to your blog. Start out, "Dear Blog, I have absolutely no idea what to write about."

23. Poll your readers. Make up a bunch of questions and ask your readers to answer.

24. Grab a sibling to help you tell about a recent event at your house. You write the first sentence, she writes the next, and so on.

25. Scribble a (pretend) article to your favorite magazine.

Bonus! 26. Put on a blog post contest. Pick one of these topics and have your blogging friends compete for the best post.

If you found blogging inspiration or have an unbeatable writer's block idea, tell me about it - and send me the link of your masterpiece!

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6 impressions

  1. :O Miss Bailey, are you trying to give me a hint!?! :D I know, I should get on with writing a post, I have a few written but here is the answer to all the "not" blogging. Our computer crashed...

    (I'm writing from the library!)

  2. So that's where you were! Well, once you get that computer working...you have no excuse. ;o)


  3. LOL ~ I'm resigning. ;D -- just where did you get those idears? Someday I should try them out (although right now I'm trying to STOP blogging because I have too many posts!)


  4. Great tips! I agree with using photos for inspiration for a post...I do that all the time :)

  5. Thanks Bailey! I've been thinking about starting a blog but had no idea what to write. Now I do!


  6. What wonderful ideas Bailey dear!! Thanks for the inspirations. I may just use one or two of those ideas :)

    Love you girl!


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