First Day Festivities

7:30 AM

When you homeschool, the first days of school rock - pardon the slang. First off, the necessary preparations center around the homeschooler's most essential tool: The Notebook. Why elevation of importance? It holds the homeschooler's records - every single essay, drawing, history lesson, story and certificate. Thus it must be thick - gargantuan - and even then, The Notebook rarely lasts through the first semester. From then on, it's a struggle to get in the hole punched papers...especially if somebody messes with the hole puncher's settings. (No comment.)

The next step yet again involves The Notebook. Since we homeschoolers have no fancy Mac computers and specialized computer classes, we practice our technological skills with the annual Notebook Cover. As you can see from the above examples, it's an easy, personal way to get pumped about school. You'll notice the different interests - everything fantastical for ninth grade (that was the novel writing stage), the classy pinkness (that was the wretched tenth grade era of trying to fit in), the literary feel of eleventh grade with a flair of Alice in Wonderland, Beowulf and Emma. Wonderful way to personalize.

Now, of course, beyond drooling over the schoolbooks which arrived some months earlier, there is nothing to do except wait for the first day of homeschool. For on that day, our mother whips out back-to-school pages: your name, age, height, weight, special school photo from the special school photo shoot and the thing you most look forward to this school year. That is to be compared with the "What a Year!" sheet at the end of both semesters.

And then it's back to the books till we break for next summer. School year, here we come!

Your Turn! How do you celebrate back-to-school?

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11 impressions

  1. I celebrate back-to-school by sleeping in. LOL, JK. ;)

    ((Chub celebrates it by crying, she just banged her head...))


  2. I love your notebook cover, especially this years.

  3. School is fun when you first start. But(of course)it drags on after the first few weeks.
    I like you 11th grade notebook cover. You've come a long way from the other ones. And all those people that read this post besides Bayleaf think I'm being mean, you should see the first one up close.
    a.k.a Christian

  4. i too get a notebook!

  5. Well, Flop, that's understandable, seeing that we celebrated Back-to-School Eve with a conversation extending to midnight.

    Poor Chubling.

    Sereina -- what a coincidence! I do too. ;o) Thanks!

    Christian! Shhh! Nobody was supposed to know!

    Aliceknight -- gotta love those notebooks!

  6. This year I celebrated school by going to all my classes at the middle school and learning in every class, respectful, do not be a bully, and no fowl language.
    It was a really long day.

  7. :) I really like your notebook covers, very creative.

  8. Yay, Louisa! One girl who dares to be different. I think you're off to a fantastic start this school year. ((hugs))

    Thanks, Kara. :o)

  9. loverly covers Bayleaf!! :)
    P.s. In my opinion I like the last one best. :)

  10. Bailey where did you get the Narnia shots for your first notebook cover?

    ~Carilee :)

  11. Yay! The commenting worked for you, Hannah!

    Oh, that first notebook cover. I got everything from In the costume section. ;o) Love you!


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