3:43 PM

He's back.

I thought he would be different, but he isn't. The only thing is that before, he was merely potential. Now he is the real thing. A Marine.

How many sisters can brag about that?

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  1. You're the only sister I know who can brag about having a Marine as a brother-besides you own sisters. I'm sure you're all so proud of him you could bust.(burst??) I know I am!
    Please tell everyone I said Hi.

  2. I also fogot to say that I was surprised that you said Chase hadn't changed much. Really? Mom said that everyone she knew that went to recruit camp changed a lot-like dramatically. Ok, maybe that's a little strong of a word.

    I'm glad Chase is back. Where's he off to next? I think Mom said something about college??????????

  3. Yep, you sure can, Floppeth. Pull on that proud Marine sister tee and snap on that bracelet. We're Marine sisters.

    Hiyah, KT! I'll be sure to pass on your sure as my memory lasts, which isn't very sure, you understand.

    Chase hasn't changed in the sense that he's still Chase - same personality, same quirks, same interests (first thing he asked Christian was about basketball). The only difference - which I tried to explain (poorly) - is that before he was not completed but now he is, if you know what I mean. He was a boy becoming a man when he left and now he's a man - a Marine. And some things he says and does are different, more realized, but it is only a stronger echo of who he was before.

    Others without that core honor might come home totally changed. Not Chase. He had the Marine values down way before he decided to become a Marine.

    He's off to UW-GB second semester; he goes back to San Diego for three months+ infantry (?) and specialty training...but he gets to take his new Blackberry with him. ;o)

  4. Semper Fidelis! Proud mama of my Marine. Proud of ALL my precious children!


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