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Being the eldest Bergmann of the house, now that my parents are gone, I quickly found myself amazed at the regiment of mothers across this country. There's much more than cooking and cleaning in making a house run. It's staying on your toes, peeking over your book to the clock, every minute. You're it. You have to remember to check on that baby in the bathtub. You have to make sure he ends up dressed and washed for bed. You have to remind people to set the table, take the trash out, do the dishes. You have to pick up where people slack off or do what people are not obligated to do and you have to be absolutely, totally available to do it.

Like potty training. Something malfunctioned with the little potty and by nature of the malfunction, it created a mess all over the floor. The first time it happened - well, fine, I could clean that up. The second time? I walked into the bathroom, flipped the light and just stared. Daniel pranced about desiring gummi bears.

There were, logically, only two possible responses: (A) melt-down time and clean it up or (B) cheerful smiles and clean it up. For you see, it's not right to call on your poor grandmamma every time something disgusting happens; and when your mother's not there, the responsibility to scrub that floor is you. It can't just stay there until Saturday night.

It clicked just then. "You are not your own." I didn't get to create my line of work and reality. My Employer called the shots. And since I already professed devotion to my Lord, it made no sense to give that Bergmann arch and holler till the ceiling fell down.

So I said, "Okay, honey bug. Let's get your gummi bears. What color do you want?"

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  1. Ah, the joys of potty training. I've cleaned up some of those little potty malfunctions in my day, but not without Mom being somewhere in the house or as bravely or sweetly as you did. :/

    You are a brave, sweet sister. :)

  2. You must have had a lot of patience to say that...I would have a hard time cleaning that up. :)

    (btw, he picked orange gummi bears, correct?)


  3. Another great post. You are such a bright young lady. :)

  4. Bailey, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed.

    The other day I was babysitting, and that day I also had to make lunch. My head almost exploded while, just as I was putting the towels in the dryer, the microwave went off, and then the dishwasher.

    You mentioned in a different post how you're not suited for homemaking. It's me who's not cut out for it quite yet, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

  5. I imagine you have had more than your share of potty training incidents, Erin. ;o) IMHO, anyone - whether they do it sweetly or no - is my hero who dares tackle such problems.

    It's just intrepid.

    Why, no, Flop, he picked green. And he refused any other color. (No matter how patient I am, Foppeth, I would be screaming without you.)

    Thank you, Mrs. Jansky! I must say, I'm not feeling very bright this afternoon, both intellectually and cheerfully...running solely on God's grace. I'm sure you understand that. :o)

    LOL Maddi, I sympathize completely. Everything seems to go off at once when I happen to be babysitting...especially tempers. You're a sweet, capable girl too. We shall someday look back on this and laugh. ((hugs))

  6. I was babysitting the other day and I had to help the kid go potty. He wanted me to do everything for him. It was then I understood how hard potty-training a child really is. Good luck Bailey!

  7. Well, I can't technically claim to know anything about potty training. I just clean up when it doesn't happen. ;o)

  8. aww, I'm sorry! What a mess. :P I think I would have had the melt-down. Probably. Thankfully I've never had siblings that young where I was in that situation.

    ~Carilee :)


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