Word of the Week: Storage Space

8:47 AM

No doubt you have had the excitement of cleaning out your closet or reorganizing your drawers. Daily life demands an orderly arrangement of such things as socks, celery and shoe collections. You cannot (should not, rather) leave your belongings all over the floor. As one wise woman repeated, "Everything in its place."

Now, don't snoop in my drawer. I am not famous enough to be exposed as a hypocrite just yet. But as I was going to point out, it's the same with words. They need organizational bins too. They need a big closet to store themselves in, so you can pick out a word with nary a struggle.

There is a word to describe what holds all your little wordlings that you plant in your mind. It's something like vocabulary - save that it's far more head-turning. If you're willing to brand yourself as odd, label your organizational word bins as your word hoard.

I heard that snicker. Yes, it's a true phrase. I first learnt it in Beowulf and even I, Lady Wordsmith, believed it not. It is fitting that it introduced itself in that epic poem, for it comes from the Old English wordhord and means, quite simply, "The sum of words one uses or understands; a vocabulary."[1] Wordhord, in fact, came from Beowulf, and its expansive definition can mean a sum of one's experience or knowledge. [2]

Now you can get to work - expanding and reorganizing that word hoard. Hopefully it's neater than my drawers.

[1] www.thefreedictionary.com

[2] www.wordhord.co.uk

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2 impressions

  1. *cough* I think I'll stick to re-organizing your drawers...by the way - I love your old background. :)


  2. Randomly clicked around and found this post...

    I love words. Especially weird ones.

    Heheheh... and especially, especially if a very amusing post is written about them.

    **hopes she doesn't exhaust this blog anytime soon**


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