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Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. - Albert Einstein

In recent news, a computer crisis has cropped up in the Bergmann household. The tale has been told since the beginning of time: one little problem ending up into a reconstruction not to be equalled by the Civil War's. It started out, that little problem, as all computer problems do: an unexplainable error message coupled with a mysterious human instigator. Preliminary results point to Bailey Bergmann, an innocent-looking fifteen-year-old with a record of starting computer problems, as the culprit. Bergmann did not answer TTT's inquiries by phone.

The problem, explained senior computer wrangler (SCW) T. Bergmann, started with an error message on a movie editing program. After uninstalling the program, he tried to reinstall it, with no luck. Forced to comply with his daughter's whims and work, he upgraded to an expensive new program, which installed fine. All would have gone well had not the younger Bergmann pulled hair over a menu template, compelling the SCW to try to install the bonus pack containing extra razzle dazzle. It refused to install. Repeated interaction with the program's company yielded more error messages. The program released this statement: "We appreciate your patience."

Left out in the cold is the computer itself, which nearly had its hard drive wiped out. It left early Monday morning for rehab. More news on that as tests come in.

In the meantime, the rest of the computer's users have been transferred to a younger computer, resulting in confusion and delay, riots and pouting. Email is down for Bergmann's siblings; the SCW's wife complains of losing the links to her favorite websites; and all movie editing has been postponed indefinitely. - reporting by TTT staff

I sincerely believe blogging can save America. - John Jay Hooker

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Wisconsin Blog Council (WBC) has reported more blogs in the area than ever before. "It's word of mouth, mostly," says WBC president Cy Ber. "One girl starts, another girl follows - it's amazing, really, what social girls can do to the blogging world. They're definitely making an impact."

Recent blogs include Kara's Creative Corner, cornered on the web a few weeks ago. Says blog owner Kara, "When Bailey, Anna, and Bethany got a quaint little blog, I decided I would try my luck. After struggling with the new templated blogger (grrr) I finally figured out the background, the heading, and much more. So, at least I'm here!"

Spurred by the encouragement and talent of Joyfull Girl Creations mastermind, Sarah opened her web log, Breezes Through the Meadow, Sunday afternoon. "This is my first time being a blogger, and I am bubbling over with excitement and joy!" Sarah says in her introductory post.

WBC reports possibilit of at least three more girls capitalizing on the blog rage.

Following the trend of young and exuberant bloggers, The White Raft started up with the intent of providing a network of bloggers under the age of 18. The home page states, "We are in the early stages of creating a place for young people to come and explore pre-screened blogs written by young people under the age of 18." It is currently looking for young bloggers to join in and submit their blogs into the directory. Submit your blogs on the home page. - with reporting from WBC student staff

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13 impressions

  1. Good grief. :)

    Our poor computer *BIG HUG* I really miss it. :)

    An extremely hilarious post!


  2. haha, ur so funny!! write me when u get a chance. i've been trying to email u in more detail bout choir tour but this week i'm doin vbs, so im kinda busy.

    love ya!

    carilee :)

  3. Love ya, Carilee! I'll hop right to it - you must tell me all about VBS and your choir trip.

  4. Hey! This is a really nice blog:) I also have one at if you'd ever like to check it out (and follow?) :)

  5. Why, thank you, Libby! I'll definitely check out your blog...bloggers must unite to increase the quota of their followers. ;o)

    In Christ,

  6. *giggle* I must be in a "why, thank you" mode these past days. Krazy.

  7. TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!! (scream) My sister was telling me that your dad was pretty upset about the computer when she was over there last sunday. Your poor daddy...

  8. Good news: the computer is living, if tentatively. We got a brand new hard drive for my videos, so I should be back to the storyboard again.

    (My daddy...yes, poor him.)

  9. Am I one of those three girls with the possibilit of capitalizing on the blog rage? If so, awesome! I got a mention on Big House in the Little Woods!! Love you, Bailey :)

  10. I'm waiting to announce the grand opening of Miss Lindsey's dance blog. Hear, hear!


  11. Hey Bailey, I clicked on The White Raft... and got an error message. It appears the website no longer exists. Problem?
    On another note, if you ever have time, could you pop by and check out my (somewhat pathetic) cyberexistence? Thanks!

  12. I think The White Raft is no longer in existence, though I never was told why or for sure.

    I'll look into checking out your blog, dear friend. :o)


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