A Stitch in Time

7:30 AM

Four years and many days later...............................

It's finished!
And the Hapless Homemaker takes her curtain call.

It is a feat, not of artistry or skill, but of sheer triumph over procrastination. Celtic Woman and The Puppini Sisters gave me strength during the patchwork stitching. Many half-hours of lonely thought brought me through tying it. Hymns and conversation carried me through the binding of it. And it was about to be laid away with only two-thirds of the binding to go were it not for the company of Miss Flop and her crocheting. Now that it's finished, I see the great potential for this project.

It makes a good burka.

(Though it's at its heart a kite-wannabe, flying away in the breeze.)

And it still manages to be a good quilt. Comfy, Floppeth?

Another triumph: We scoured Wal-Mart and Goodwill and found some t-shirts. And some splendiforous flowing skirts. It was then that Flop admitted she loved being my sister - after I paid for it all.

Hail the Conquering Hero

My sweet Floppeth, who, strangely, has not made a quilt yet. But rest assured, were she to come up with one, she would post it on her blog. And I think there's already something going on with scraps at the sewing table.

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7 impressions

  1. Haha, you look like you were drowning in a sea of light pink and pink when you were sewing. :)


  2. Dearest Miss Bailey,

    My, What a lovely work of art! I love the coordinating pink floral patches,and its beauty is captured so well in its simplicity. Very well done. Congratulations on finishing your first quilt. You would have a good laugh if you saw my first attempt at making a quilt. So...what's next?
    "Give her of the fruit of her hands;and let her own works praise her in the gates" (Proverbs 31:31).
    Love & Hugs, Mrs. Reinke

  3. What an adorable quilt! Quilting is one thing *this* hapless homemaker has not yet even thought about attempting. Yours is really cute, and the pictures are so cute. Congrats on finishing such a huge project!!


  4. That seems to be an appropriate metaphor, Flop. :o)

    My mother gets the credit for picking out the fabric and cutting out the squares. Does she not have good taste? Coming up next: six more embroidered tea towels. ((hugs))

  5. Elissa! Hapless? You? Your modesty betrays you! But really, a mere tie quilt with alternating squares is not quite worthy to be entered into quiltdom as an accomplishment. It's rather like cheating.

    (We had too much fun with the pictures.)

    Love ya! **hugs**

  6. Bailey, this is so funny! I have the same shirt...purple and all! *Sigh* if only we could take a picture together! Welp, the quilt was BEAUTIFUL; good luck on your future sewing projects. :) (My you have a lot of patience; I could never make one)

    TTYL, Carilee :)

  7. Very nice, Bailey! I'm so proud of you! :)


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