Sixteen, Going on Seventeen

7:30 AM

Today is my birthday. My sixteenth birthday. In some ways, I've been waiting for sixteen all my life. It's the quintessential American teen age - cars, skinny jeans, freedom. I don't know what I'll look forward to after it, after I finish up being sixteen.

I feel old - sixteen years under my belt. I'm graduating in two years. I could be married in two years (as my packed hope chest professes). I feel obligated to share some profound thoughts on the passing of time, the responsibility of youth, the uncaging of freedom. I don't know what to say. Isn't that a wonder.

I do know one thing. Just as fifteen sneaked up on my unexpectedly and offered me chances I never imagined, I know sixteen will do the same - in bigger ways. And that's exciting...hugely so. So much that I feel a little overwhelmed at having to battle the stereotypes of teenagery while upholding a Big Sister Role Model type and trying to figure out just what I'm going to do with my life and my dreams. The one thing I hate about being teen-aged is the fact that you're accountable and not responsible. You have to be an adult and you're told to enjoy life as a kid because it ends fast.

So I turned to Christ this morning and dedicated this year to Him.

Don't worry; my birthday shan't end in despair. I like thinking about these sorts of things, as a person enjoys a good crossword puzzle or an ice cream cone. But now for a little Normal People fun. For my dear mother - after sixteen years of me, you deserve a good laugh. Sweet Anna, you said something about teenyboppers?

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  1. You found it! Ha, ha! To everyone: I was trying to sing and remember the words to this song for Bailey's birthday, but wasn't doing a very good job.

    So, to Bailey: you're just "the prettiest, loveliest, girl I-I've ever seen...."

    (but don't let any teeny-bopper boy tell you that. Yet. Hope Chest or no.)


  2. Did you forget "I am 16, Going on 17" (a la Sound of Music)?

  3. LOL Mom. ;o) I love you so much.

  4. Dearest Bailey, when I saw '16 going on 17' in my Blogs I follow box, I immediately started humming 16 going on 17 from A Sound Of Music ( I must confess, it's one of my favorites :)).

    As to you turning 16, congratulations!! :D

    Happy Birthday Bailey!

  5. Happy 16th Birthday to you! :) Hope you've had (and will continue to have) a wonderful day!

    BTW, I debated about waiting until tomorrow to post this comment so we could go through the whole 'belated' thing again, but finally decided against it. JK ;)

  6. Wow. I'm gonna do some research on those guys. Sounds like pretty old music. That is...different. I'd have loved to hear Mrs. B. singing that. :-)
    Happy, happy birthday, dear "sister". I love you so much. I second what your mother said about being the lovely and pretty. Phew. Glad I'm not a boy 'cause I never could have gotten that out.

    If you could possibly be married in two years, does that mean you could start courting should someone ask about you?

    Love you!

  7. If you sing that annoying song one more time...

    Happy Birthday M'dear!!


  8. Maddi, if I can hole myself up somewhere, I will privately sing "Sixten, Going on Seventeen" too. It's rather...addicting. Thanks for the congrats, my dear table mate. ;o) ((hugs))

    LOL! Ah, Erin...I've gotten several belated birthday wishes already, as well as the rumor of having THREE birthday parties. My! Thanks so much for remembering me. Love you!

    Go for it, KT. :o) You might be able to convince Mom to sing it on Saturday if you're especially tactful. LOL - I'm glad you're not a boy too, sister. ;o) Now, the problem with that courting question is that it assumes somebody will ask me, and you know my sentiments on that. Anyway, my daddy has laid down the law: nothing of that sort until I'm eighteen. So theoretically I could have a whirlwind courtship and then marry...but I rather like being Big Sister/Dear Daughter Only for now. Love you too!

    Really, Flop? "Sixteen candles make a lovely liiight...." ((hugs))

  9. Ah, Bailey! you're like a breath of fresh air! You definitely are a very sweet sixteen! Most girls my age are stuck in the stereotype of a typical teenager with all of it's insecurities and others are sixteen going on twenty-four. It's so nice to have a friend like you who is a healthy medium of sixteen and (best of all) has fully dedicated her life and heart to God purely and fearlessly. I feel proud to grow up with you.
    To the year ahead!!

  10. Hi Bailey! So, if you saw my post on Raising Homemakers, I am also a blogging Christian teenager (with a pathetic blog, compared to this). But I was kinda wondering... how does one go about starting a hope chest? When I was thirteen Mother was planning to buy me a cedar chest and get me started, but then money got tight and everyone forgot about it. Now I'm fifteen and a half and wish I had started back then, even without the cedar chest.
    But I digress. My real question... I guess... would be... where do I start? What do I put in a modern hope chest? Because my knowledge of hope chests starts and ends with Love Comes Softly. :P

  11. I did see your comment on RH, and it encouraged me so much! Funny thing was, I normally don't check my old posts, so seeing your comment in the dashboard was a stroke of providence. :o)

    Hope chests. Well. Confession: I am probably the last person you'd want to ask about that. But yes, I do have a hope chest and I do have a plan with what to do with it and what to fill it with.

    Firstly, my hope chest is just a Rubbermaid bin. The end. Nothing fancy, nothing special.

    I didn't start my hope chest until fifteen, too. For my sixteenth birthday, I asked my sweet friends to bring something for my hope chest instead of traditional presents -- so that filled it up pretty quickly. A "coming of age" birthday party or ceremony would be a lovely, special way to kick off a hope chest and fill it with gifts from precious friends.

    I don't think there's any right or wrong way to start a hope chest -- or any "hope chesty" type things to put in it. A good chunk of mine is a library -- books I've bought and want to read with my children. Projects I've made over the years -- baby blanket, embroidered tea towels, crocheted dish cloths -- that I won't currently use, I put in my hope chest. We girls even went through my great-grandmother's stash and got matching tablecloth and napkins sets, plus some doilies and things like that.

    I think a hope chest should be less about what's in the box as in what's in the heart and the home. What do you want in your home? What will make it a home to you? What special projects do you want to do? I doubt my hope chest will be enough to live out of should I get married, but there are keepsake things in there that will beautify my future home. They make me happy. :o)

    As for things you could put into it, the sky's the limit! I want to embroider matching pillowcases and sheets, sew a baby hooded towel, maybe start a kitchen collection. I have some antique plates and cups, glassware. My friend even has the color scheme of her kitchen picked out, and has made and collected items to match the color scheme. The thing is to grab for inspiration and go with it.

    There's a book (which I have not read) called Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love that you might want to look into for more concrete ideas.

    Oh, and one more thing -- the most precious thing to me -- is that when I put something, anything, into my hope chest, I stop to kneel and pray for a future home blessed with the presence of Christ. That preparation, that blanket of prayer, is the most exciting aspect of the hope chest for me. :o)

    Much love, friend.

  12. Thank you SO MUCH. I know a hope chest probably seems like a simple thing, but I just had no clue what to do! I'm thinking I'll even print out your advice to get me started. :P
    Again, THANK YOU!
    (BTW, I am so totally reading that book. Maybe I'll even buy it.)


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