Once Upon a Summer

9:30 AM

I see creation only as an expression of God's glory.
It makes for a bigger picture.

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  1. Hey, you can't see the bugs on the house very well. :) Love the last photo of the sunset!

    You should take some of the stars. I stared at them and wondered how on earth people think the Big Bang made it. :)


  2. I'm gonna die of laughter...it's just you and me commenting on each other's blogs, as if we couldn't look over to the other couch and talk.

    Anyhoo. I love that last photo. It looks clip art worthy. And my goodness, child, have you no concept of science? Scientific research - the most enlightened and up-to-do science, at that - has proven that nothing exploded and eventually got to you. You can't use common sense with that sort of science. You must use your thinking...your imagination. Your homeschooling mother ought to be ashamed of your independent logical conclusions.

    Okay, end sarcasm. :o)

  3. Beautiful photos! It's incredible the way some folks say that creation is amazing but that it didn't have a Creator. *rolls eyes* I mean, really. ;D

    Oh, and is that a back porch in the first photo? If so, I'm envious. We only have a front, but I would dearly love a back porch. :) *hugs*

  4. I'm with you there. ;o)

    Well, it's *sort of* a back porch. It's just a little deck off the side of our living room that leads down to the backyard. Nifty for watching neighborhood fireworks. :D

  5. I love posts that have pictures. VERY GOOD PICS! The pictures have really good quality and composition. You can take pictures of a cloudy sky really well. Looks so real. Sunset probably tops them all though!

  6. I think I'm obsessed with clouds! ((hugs))


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