A Friendly Encouragement for the Edification of Christian Young People

7:30 AM

I recently listened to a gentleman on the radio the other day, speaking comically on the value of young people. Being myself a very young sort of person, I hung on his words and thought to share them with you, my young readers. The inspiration and encouragement gleaned from them were immeasurable, and I doubt not that the mothers and father and youth group pastors of these fine creatures will find it edifying as well.

He said that he thought teenagers were God's punishment on mankind, that it was a taste of having someone made in their own image defy their authority. Oh, profundity!

His wisdom waxed more eloquent as he went on. He was humble enough to point out that he didn't quite know how old Satan was when he rebelled, but he personally thought that he was fifteen. I, as you know, will be sixteen tomorrow. I could not have chosen more thoughtful exiting words myself.

Then he told a little story about how much he loved red grapes and that his teenage son ate them all - save one, which was in the colander when he caught his son. I'm sure such evidences of his father's love and esteem daily fill the lad's life.

I'm sure the children of the audience felt the same, for the audience was very receptive and caught on to the deep wit of this gentleman. The laughing was something uproarious.

Such sentiments can only help young people find encouragement and support in these troublesome teenage years. I remember one particular time when a different gentleman, very nice and jolly, helped me get my temps. He explained that my mother could take away my temps for any reason - "So if she tells you to take out the trash," said he with an understanding twinkle in his black eye, "you'd better do it." I smiled and laughed, not mistaking the underlying assumption. It had been such very helpful advice that I didn't bother to mention my brothers took out the trash.

I have no doubt that the general population of rebellious teenagers is lessened by the trust and respect evidenced in these comments. Who could not feel uplifted at being labeled lazy and insensitive? How could the encouragement escape those equated to the punishment of mankind? It almost makes one too proud of being a teenager, and in that case, people ought to retract such statements so as to prevent a ballooning of self-esteem.

Oh, it's so nice to know that people take Paul seriously when he told Timothy, "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers." In such shaky times as these, I as a teenager feel blessed that the general evangelical population believes me to be such a competent, trustworthy sort of person, that they expect such conduct. It makes me want to prove that I am trustworthy and confident, respectful and helpful, a punishment to mankind and a rebel with Satan.

How could we do without them?

- This has been a message from the Society for the Encouragement and Edification of Christian Young People.

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  1. Bailey, I agree that modern society has low expectations of the teenage years and that is unfortunate. In fact, the whole notion of the "teenager" is a new invention as of post WW2. Hang on to the counsel and truth of Timothy's letter about the worth of young people and their faith, and to borrow someone else's terminology: start a "rebelution"--rebelling against society's low expectations of youth.

  2. I'm glad I have a mother who taught me to grow up and get rebelling against low expectations. Paul's exhortation to Timothy is my battle cry. :o) ((hugs))

  3. Would it bother you, if I linked to this post?

  4. Not at all. Who could say no to publicity? :o)


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