For the Sake of a Sister

11:32 AM

I am spreading the word for a Marie-Madeline Studio giveaway. Now, I have vowed not to post about giveaways, and while the fabric is super cute, I couldn't do much with it. But after reviewing the facts, it was impossible not to join in:

  • My sister Bethany is so gung-ho about Marie-Madeline and happy scrappiness.
  • Blog posts count as 10 entries.
  • If I entered, that'd count as 22 entries for Miss Bethany.
  • I might get a really nifty thank-you creation from said happy scrapper.
  • Plus, I have the past expertise of winning two giveaways in a row.
  • Therefore, I'm blogging about it.

So go check out Marie-Madeline Studio whether you enter or not! It's a happy scrapper's paradise and their pictures and patterns are so much fun...even to a bookworm like me.

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4 impressions

  1. Is that legal? :D



  2. Would you worry so much about its legality if it won you a hunk of cute fabric?

    ((hugs)) We shall prevail! (I think.)

  3. Wow! great example of "brotherly" love. Way to go, Bailey!

  4. The brotherly love is heightened by the fact that I sacrificed so much, too. :o)


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