Building Her House

7:30 AM

A visiting pastor preached a sermon that hit me full in the heart: Every Christian has an equally solid foundation of Christ Jesus. But what we build upon that foundation is important too. It will, as Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3, be tested by fire. "If what he has built survives, he will receive his reward. If it is burned up, he will suffer loss; he himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames" (vv. 14-15).

I sunk into my usual post-stimulation reverie. What am I, as a young woman of God, building as a life's work? Will my building, my life, pass through the fire unscathed? Or will it burn? What am I doing that I shouldn't - or vice versa? What truly matters to God? What - truly?

My talents and goals came to mind. Writing - wanted to finish those novels I started way back when. Computer skills - wanted to get into film or learn to design websites . Education - wanted to get an degree in theology or philosophy from an online Christian college.

Oh. I wanted to serve my family at home, too.

As I grow, I realize that yesterday will never come again. So few of those precious hours of my life - it is absolutely negligent to not devote any of them to the Lord. You can laugh at an almost sixteen-year-old speaking sagely of the passing of time. It's true, nonetheless.

What will last? What really does count?

The young women today are bright. They have talent, they have passion, they have energy. Uniqueness in gifts abounds and they make no mistake about using those gifts, especially when it comes to turning those gifts into careers or ministries. My own circle of girlfriends is incredibly talented, from writing to crafts, drama to sports.

But I wonder. What are we gifted modern girls building, exactly? When we stand before Christ and submit our successes - when we glance back on the trophies gained, the contests conquered, the praises garnered - when we feel confident that we had, to the best of our abilities, served God with our gifts - how will our buildings fare?

I do not mean to imply that our salvation is in question. There's no doubt about that for a Christian. I mean to say, "Each one should be careful how he builds." I wish to encourage us girls as we dream now to dream big - and within the context of God's will. To seek His best. To build remembering that our finished product will be tested and either burnt or appraised by God Himself.

When I stand before God, I so crave to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant." And so I will continue to ask, What will last? What, in my life, will please God best?

And with that in mind, get ready for the next post - sharing what the Lord has taught me about living a life that will stand the test of fire. Now's your turn to share. What has the Lord taught you about being a good steward of your many talents? Is your life's work fireproof? And if you happen to be the older demographic, do be kind enough to share what you have found, as you've already gone through these dreaming years, what truly matters in eternity. And join me all in meditating on 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.

There's so much I could learn.

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  1. Micah 6.8 and Luke 17.10 I think answers your question concerning what will last and what will please God best?

    It is walking with God that makes me a profitable servant. I have recently been meditating on Proverbs 13.20. Who is wiser than God?

    Do you remember Luke 10.42, where it speaks of having "chosen that good part, which will not be taken away"?

    And it occurs to me that I may have the idea of a Christian life totally reversed.

  2. Good stuff, Tragedy101. Yesterday our pastor preached on the elements of walking with God (in truth, in Christ, in the Spirit, in the world, in the church, in the home). I like your take on Proverbs 13:20. And I especially like that you brought up Luke 10:42 - "only one thing is needed," Christ said.

    And that's Him. Full submission to Christ, in everything we do.

    Now if all comments are as good as yours, this conversation might go somewhere. :o)

  3. Nearly scaring me out of commenting - since I cannot think of anything profound to say. :D Although I heartily agree with the both of you - but I cannot think of anything to add to the conversation.


  4. My Dearest Maiden for Jesus,

    "How forcible are right words..." (Job 6:25). Your commentary will strike a painful blow to some, but honest, needful words often do. Thank you for defending Biblical womanhood in word and in deed!! You bring me hope and joy as you labor for Him...May Jesus Christ be praised!! Mrs. Reinke

  5. May He be praised indeed! Thank you so much for your encouragement, Mrs Reinke! I pray I can, in small ways at least, bring glory to Christ through a life submitted to His will.


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