Spaghetti Spartan

9:30 AM

In some ways it was providential. I am referring, of course, to the incident that occurred at 21:32 on 12 June 2010 while I was making baked spaghetti for the church potluck. Our church has a reputation for good potlucks. Ask our Northland students. If our church is known for anything, it's good food and good cooks.

Naturally, me being the Hapless Homemaker, such prowess intimidates me. But I'm becoming well-known myself for bravery in such impregnable feats. There's nothing lost in trying. I'm sure no one would mind ignoring the little mess up with my last potluck fare, especially since I warned everyone that it was ruined. And honestly, what world-famous cook hasn't drained the meat mixture after he added the tomato sauce?

Baked spaghetti, to add to my confidence, is simple. I mastered spaghetti long ago, after setting the stove on fire because my spaghetti sauce dripped. Vigorous stirring, you know.

So I was disappointed at not being able to mess up and chronicle the hilarity on this blog. Sure, not being able to use my favorite noodle pot with the lid perfect for draining made me worried a bit; but in no time I was chopping, stirring and running back and forth between noodles and beef.

The meat mixture done, I turned to my noodles and prepared to drain them. Just yesterday I'd cooked noodles in the same, non-special pot and it went beautifully. Sorry, y'all - I just wasn't in a Hapless Homemaker mood. With confidence and a June Cleaver smile I cracked the lid a little and drained the spaghetti.

Here I must make a confession. I almost had an incident to chronicle. A few strands of steaming spaghetti plopped in the sink, with several more about to commit like suicide. The rescue, though stressful and traumatic, went smoothly - aided by the beloved oven mitts I should have worn the day I burnt my thumb. A little water yet remained, but by now the Professional Spaghetti Matron had it down. A little tilting - a little more tilting.

I have a confession to make. I spilled the spaghetti. Badly. Like, all down the drain badly.

Immediately I yelled for reinforcements. The accomplished Flop, of course, offered no sympathy, but my MOM howl met with some success - and hugs.

It's just fate, I tell you. Fate. And I hope you're satisfied with my tale, for it took much trouble to fix. My reputation, I mean.

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  1. LOL Bayleaf!!! Thats really funny, well it could have been worse, like the spagetti sauce exploding all over the kitchen, or something catching fire!



  2. Funny?

    Way to look on the bright side of things, dearest Pip.


  3. Funny? Hilarious. I still say that the drain was clean enough - why not just drag it all out? Or at least give it to the one would ever know. Just like no one would ever know there are slugs in the salad unless they look! :)


  4. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." We all have our "kitchen horror stories". The first time I made anything was when I was 7. I made cookies with 1 tsp of sugar and 1 cup of salt. Then another time, as a teenager trying to impress a certain young man with my cooking abilities, I made home made noodles that were so salty you could barely eat them. I'm sure the "certain young man" was impressed, just not in the way I intended him to be. :~)
    ~Mrs. Pyatskowit

  5. Slugs and spaghetti in the drain are two different levels of hygiene, my dearest Flop. They are also two different levels of despair.


    LOL! I feel as if there's hope for me, Mrs. Pyatskowit, if you messed up and yet turned out such a wonderful cook.

    Personally, I think salt containers need to have warning labels on them and sugar needs to be a different color than salt. Too many chefs have wrecked their reputations on those shoals. ;o)

  6. Oh Bayleaf !!!! I have to admit , I have never drained down spagetee noodles in me short life ! LOL ! SARAH

  7. Aww poor darling Bailey... I commiserate with you! I hate it when things like that happen, I've never been brave enough to drain noodles without out the aid of one of those nifty colanders, I'm sure I would forever be pouring them down the drain!! Spaghetti's always interesting isn't it... I believe half of my kitchen catastrophes (and believe you me, there have been MANY) involved spaghetti... or a good majority anyhow. I remember once I set the stove partially on fire while cooking Spaghetti, and I've recieved many a burn, and oh yeah, there was that time that our nice creamy white tile was completely red after a spaghetti adventure... :D

    And sometimes, spaghetti has nothing to do with anything... like Saturday. But that's another story all together isn't it?


  8. Ah, it sounds as if you all had an intersting time with your "Slug Salad" am, I correct? LOL


  9. Then you are one blessed young lady, Miss Sarah! :D Have fun on your trip!

    *sniff* Thank you, Elissa. I feel better now. (Actually, my mother didn't understand why I didn't use a colander...I dunno. I just didn't think of it.) Spaghetti has been my top kitchen disaster too. Noodles in general are just like that. Flop knows a hilarious macaroni story, right, sister? :o)))

    ((hugs back))

    Slugs. Mine was actually slug free, Pip, though I inspected my salad very carefully by hand. Which was difficult, you know, because I had catalina dressing all over it.

    At least I hope I didn't have any.

    I guess we'll never know, will we?

  10. Bayleaf, That was so funny. When you and Flop told me that I could barely keep from laughing. I remember I tried to do that for Mom cause she said I could, and I dropped the pot on the ground, and scratched the wood floor, and spilled water on the floor, too.(But not spaghetti.) I burned my foot, too.



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