The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

9:30 AM

O joy! We spotted him out the window, the UPS man carrying a gloriously big box.

Not a birthday. Not Christmas. Those combined do not come close to the utter felicity of this day...the day our schoolbooks arrive at our house.

The bookworms pound on the box in impatient anticipation. "Books!" they cry. "Glorious books!"

They shriek to discover that - properly so - the books are packaged away from sight. Could there be any greater suspense?

Just take a look at that line up! Julius Caesar, Heart of Darkness, Here I Stand, The Cat of Bubastes, Liddell: Pure Gold - and two of C. S. Lewis!

What! The Federalist Papers and Animal Farm complete my stack. Did you get a whiff of that paper? Glorious. And they're mine. All mine. Touched only by the ambiguous packers at the Rainbow Resource Center warehouse. Hidden away in dark seclusion lest the piercing light ruin their perfect covers. Waiting to be shipped. To come to me.

Are you actually laughing at me?

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11 impressions

  1. Yes I was laughing at you, but only because it sounds like our house when my new school books arrive :D


  2. I'm sorry, Bailey, but I usually don't posess your enthusiasim when my school books arrive each year. Sometimes there is an exception where I do smile, but other than that, not really. But I do appreciate your appreciation.
    Say, I think I've heard of Annimal Farm. Is it a book where pigs and humans switch places in a way? I'm sure that there's more to it, but is that one of the main elements?

  3. The Federalist Papers??? Ooooooo,lucky!!!

    :) Carilee

  4. One would think we were the Cratchet (spelling?) family in A Christmas Carol yelling, "Goose, goose, goose!" :)



  5. Yay, Elissa! I'm glad I'm not the only geek in the world. :o)

    LOL Only in the Bergmann house could such enthusiasm pour forth over schoolbooks, dear Lindsey. Sarah wouldn't let Mom touch a textbook (ew) for fear that she might bend the pages. Horrors. By the by, I have no idea what "Animal Farm" is about. All the more reason to shout HOOROAR - a brand-new, mysterious tale to read!

    Isn't it fantabulous, Carilee? I was so excited to find out it was in my curriculum.

    That was the feel I was going for, Floppeth. You always did catch on quite quickly. High five, sister.

    Love you all!

  6. Okay, dear ones, let's hope this enthusiasm extends beyond October!

  7. Definitely beyond October! I'm looking at a change in enthusiasm about, say, right before Thanksgiving break. Maybe before then, if I get repeated C's on my chemistry.

  8. Bailey, what curriculum do you all use that assigns lovely reading material like that?

  9. I think I was using Notgrass World History at the time. It was a combination of history and literature.

    1. Thanks, love this blog, have read all the posts, and smiled through all! Been so blessed...

  10. I was absolutely NOT laughing- I did the same thing... the big Sonlight box arriving, usually in early to mid-June, I would have all the books read in a month, before Mother started banning me from pre-reading. But even after that, some of those new books on the shelf would disappear for a few days mysteriously, what!?! You look at me!?! Books always were my biggest source of punishment....


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