Gone Fishin'

10:39 AM

The sights are breathtaking around our town. The fishing? Not so much. At least, not for us ladies. I spared you the photo of Christian's triumphant catch and Bethany's tantrum.

We weren't always so unlucky. I hear tell Floppeth caught several blue gill the other day - the day I declined to go. I wasn't always so lethargic.

Once upon a time, Chase and I traveled up almost very summer to our grandparents' house for fishing, boating and pool. (The family joined us later.) At four o'clock each morning, Grandpa would pack some soda and cereal bars in his boat bucket, we'd don our windbreakers and we'd make our way down to the dock. There's a certain quietness about a night that has lain so long unbroken.

And we'd fish. Once, we raced a thunderstorm after it appeared suddenly on our fishing venture. Another time, Chase caught his hook on a power line. And to inject a little sadness into this tale, I got ridiculed once for my inability to catch fish. Eight-year-olds aren't known for their prowess in fishing, it's true, but I stiffly took the insult and fished on my side of the boat. A moment later I caught a fish - to the chagrin of the noble insulter. To add insult to injury, the noble insulter didn't catch a single fish. And I believe I might have caught another one.

Might. It sort of was necessary to exaggerate my fishing skill to not seem like a bookish, insipid Wisconsin kid, so now I hardly know fact from fiction.

Grab your pole, join me on the dock and tell me your tall tales - how big was that bass, anyway?

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  1. Hi! I didn't even know this was here! Lovely blog!

  2. Oh, I love fishing...sometimes. As long as there's lots of flowers around that I can identify. Yeah, I love flowers. I could tell you almost any common one you've got around-don't laugh if I mispronounce them. Anyway...Hey, did you know that fishing derby thing is on the ...19th, I think. It's only for kids 12 and under, I think, but it's fun to watch. Kids can win stuff, like bikes, fishing poles, fishing tackle, tackle boxes... ANYWAY. I don't believe I've ever caught anything significant. Sam caught a crayfish once. Oh, yeah! I caught this really weird looking eel thing. We were mesmerized when I brought it up..OK, so it was seaweed.

  3. Just because you live in Wisconsin does not mean the fish love you more. They probably love you less. Either that, or they are reading a book in their must snug abode. Or, we just aren't smart enough to use worms instead of slugs. Live worms, not dead. It doesn't work to well. And it isn't worth the stench. If you go fishing long enough, your bound to catch a dead one anyhow. Like my first bass I caught. Yes, the dead tiny, size-of-your-thumb one. :)

    You'll catch one sooner or later. Unless the weeds claim our poor boat first.



    P.s. You are sooo off the hook for not publishing that horrific picture of me pouting over Christian's Crappie (which is not spelled with a "y" like I told you...)

  4. Fun! Sounds like you all have a great time, fishin' at your Grandpa's dock! Have fun!


  5. Margaret! Hi! I've been waiting for you to reappear in the blogosphere again. :o) My blog's sort of poorly advertised right now, as you can see. Glad you found it and popped in to say hi!

    ROTFLOL. KT. ;o)

    Floppeth, the sepia on your profile photo makes you look mad...like you didn't catch any fish or something similar. Nice "off the hook" pun, by the way. Verrry clever. Specially since you didn't say "off of." *shudder*

    We do have fun, Kara. Did, rather...since this happened about a week ago and I've refused all the journeys to the dock since.

    See some of you girls tomorrow! Hopefully. Actually, Flop, I see you right now.

  6. I want to come! I have simply been *dying* to go fishing...well, uh, not literally, but I have been wanting to go. ;D The pond down behind our house isn't exactly the ideal place for fishing because of all the cows that are usually cooling off in the water. ;P Great photos!

  7. Too bad the whole of America is between our homes, Erin. :o)

    Happy Birthday, by the way! Nineteen - wowsers. You're a big girl now. ;o)

    Love you!

  8. Wowsy-woosy! What interesting pictures! (Umm...might I ask who those feet belong to? - The ones that seemed to be walking on air?)

  9. Those would be Flop's feet, obviously. The clouds make it seem very ethereal, do they not? Dream fishing.

  10. Bailey ,
    Stacy and I went fishing about two weeks ago . Well , on our little fishing adventure , we did not catch a single fish , but instead saw creepy spiders in the weeds and got our bottems wet , due to the inflatable raft sinking ! LOL ! Wonderful post ! Sarah

  11. So, you want stories? I have probably told you this one bunches of times already! This story is in fact a crabbing story, not fishing, but close-

    It was a rather windy day at my cousin's beach house in the New Jersy shore area. I agreed to go crabbing with all the ladies and regretted soon after because I had an urge to use the restroom. I asked my aunt Terry, "When will we be heading back to the house, I have to go to the bathroom?"
    "Not until everyone in the boat has caught a crab" she replied. This was bad, no one had caught anything except Rachel, and it was the one that got away.
    I decided to hurry the process and quickly pull up the line. Everyone yelled not to do so, I was supposed to slowly reel it in. Not heeding what everone was saying to me, I pulled the line up the rest of the way and in the cage was the biggest crap I have ever seen (excluding television and museums)!
    With a smile, I looked up at my aunt and asked, "May we go home now?"

  12. Ha Ha! I can relate with your fishing stories. Like when you got teased for not catching any fish, and then you later caught some. There's such a prideful and boastful spirit that comes to you when you catch a fish, and someone else doesn't. My, my... fishing is corrupting our morals. LOL!
    The pictures are really good... I mean like you could take some to the county fair good. Escpecially the boat with the clouds being reflected in the sky. That would look sweet blown up to a 8x10 size. The reflection of those clouds is just so awesome!
    Love, Stacy

  13. Sarah, the general sense of your fishing trip sounds exactly like the kind I would be doomed to have.

    ROTFLOL! If I heard it before, Lindsey, you must have put a new twist on it. I could just picture the impish look on your face. ;o)

    Stacy, I think fishing has contributed to the downfall of social mores, yes. :o) And aren't the photos awesome? I say that without pride, for it was a gorgeous day and the lighting wonderful. The clouds and the water just beckoned for someone to grab a camera.

  14. Yeah, I agree with Stacy, the picture of the feet and the reflected clouds deserves recognition!

  15. Then let's recognize it! Floppeth, we of the Big House in the Little Woods following award you with the Highest Recognition for a Gorgeous, Well-Taken Photo. All in favor say "aye."

    That's my favorite photo. :o)


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