7 Things Our Daddy Taught Us

9:30 AM

There's no question that fathers leave a lasting impression on their children. Statistically, it's true. Whatever a father does - or doesn't do - does shape his children. Fortunately for us, we have a daddy who positively influences us. Whether it's the little things that remind us of him - lawn mowers and games of 500 - or the big things - talks after time-out and family meetings - we remember and cherish them for the father who taught them to us.

1. He taught me, Bailey, 15, that respect for others requires attention to the details - showing up on time, listening, saying "yes, sir" or "yes, ma'am" and always keeping commitments - even if it's inconvenient. It's the sort of faithful, respectful way he's been going about life since my earliest remembrances.

2. Thinking on the practical side, Christian, 13, recalled that "he taught me to use the electric saw thingie the other day."

3. "There are so many things he taught me that I can't think of any," fretted Bethany, 13. "Never say stupid stuff. And always walk Badger down to the end of the driveway." When asked if she could think of something serious, she said, "Well, he never gives up on a project even when it doesn't work out. He keeps going until it's finished, and if it doesn't work, he throws it away and starts all over again."

4. Hannah, 10, said, "He taught me how to ride a two-wheeler."

5. "What'd you say?" I asked Sarah, 8. "I said," she said, "I don't know."

6. It took some thinking for Joshua, 6, to make up his mind. Did Daddy teach him to play golf? "Well, sort of." How about a game? "He taught me how to play hearts," he finally decided.

7. I asked Daniel, 3, what his daddy taught him. "I don't know," he said, playing with the fireplace rocks. "He told me to take these rocks off." To simplify matters, I questioned him regarding his love: did he love Daddy this much or this big much? "This big much," he promptly replied.

And that's the gist of our sentiments, Daddy.

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  1. Aww, I love this post. Daniel is such a sweetie. :)

  2. He is a sweetie...when he's not a stinker. ;o)

  3. I think Daniel's answer was the best. :) I love our Daddy!



  4. Truth be told, that was a most interesting conversation we had together. It's hard to frame a three-year-old. :o)

  5. Bayleaf, I meant my answer as a joke! :) And if I remember correctly Dad taught me that about six years ago! :) *laugh*

    Daniel's answer WAS the best. How did you get him to answer that!!



  6. Awwww! Daniel is such a sweetie. :D


  7. What a cute post! Daniel is so adorable... oh, and, *Laughs* Sarah doesn't sound like she's changed much ;)

    Miss y'all!!!

  8. Hannah, well, everyone was in the grumpiest mood possible when the interviews took place. I nearly cried. How did I get Daniel to say that? Way too easy. The same way we get him to say anything else, the little copycat. ;o)

    Pip and Elissa, LOL! I write a post about my daddy and end up with comments all about Daniel Franklyn. He's one charistmatic guy. Elissa, I must agree with your Sarah assessment. :o)

    Love you girls!


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